Notre Dame Vs. Purdue Football Live Blog: Irish Win Brian Kelly's Debut, 23-12

Collin O'Connor@@BarkofhinklehhrCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

Brian Kelly begins his career as Notre Dame head football coach.
Brian Kelly begins his career as Notre Dame head football coach.Frank Polich/Getty Images

Featured Columnist Collin O'Connor here, live blogging the Purdue-Notre Dame football game as we see how Dayne Crist and Brian Kelly fare in their opener against Robert Marve in his first start at Purdue. This is a very important game for both teams, and will have implications for the rest of the season.

Join me for the next three hours as we talk X's and O's to anything crazy I can think of about this game. I'm looking forward to a great game, and I hope you are too.

Feel free to leave comments. I love to hear what everyone has to say.


6:45 ET. And that’s all that’s left to say. Thanks for joining my throughout the game, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to covering this great season of college football, and hope I have your support as the campaign moves forward.

6:44 ET. As for Purdue, they put up a fight and never went away, but just don’t have the talent that Notre Dame does. Robert Marve played a great game in his debut for the team and they should be bowl bound come the end of the season.

6:44 ET. “It wasn’t pretty.” No it wasn’t Mr. Kelly, but be glad to get this one over with and putting it in the win column.

6:43 ET. Take a knee and celebrate, Notre Dame. You just walked away from Dayne Crist and Brian Kelly’s first career games with a victory. Congratulations.

6:41 ET. Great catch there by Michael Floyd to ensure the first down and keep the drive going.

6:37 ET. That fourth down stop by Notre Dame should just about do it. A few first downs to run out the clock, and Brian Kelly will walk away from his first game with a victory.

6:35 ET. Manti Te’o is going to have a great football career on Saturday’s and Sunday’s

6:30 ET. The Irish didn’t get a touchdown, but they do make it a two-possession ball game. That was a very important field goal to do just that.

6:27 ET. Very clutch connection between Crist and Rudolph there are third down.

6:25 ET. Two straight first down runs by Armando Allen. Now the Irish offense is moving again.

6:23 ET. Good stop by the Notre Dame defense, but they need to get something going offensively and end it.

6:19 ET. This third down is the biggest play of the game so far, who’s going to step up?

6:13 ET. A quick three and out, and everything is going Purdue’s way right now.

6:11 ET. The fumble on the kickoff made me jump out of my seat, but Wood still makes Robert Marve pay for his penalty by giving them great field position.

6:09 ET. Great run, great call, great play. Purdue is climbing right back into this game.

6:07 ET. Time after time, Notre Dame’s defense keeps coming away with stops on third and short.

6:01 ET. All-Big Ten player Ryan Kerrigan comes up with a huge play on that safety. That was a fast turn of events.

5:58 ET. Like I said earlier, Ian Williams is playing fantastic. That was a huge interception on the goal line.

5:54 ET. That was a huge stop for Notre Dame on third down. Whether or not Purdue will go for it is yet to be seen, but holding them to a field goal is a great job of tightening up in the Red Zone.

5:51 ET. The Boilermakers are finally getting something going.

5:50 ET. Ian Williams and Kapron Lewis-Moore are playing really well on the Notre Dame defensive front.

5:46 ET. Finally a good run by Purdue. First down.

5:44 ET. That should have been another touchdown for Notre Dame. How can you drop that? Heisman players don’t.

5:43 ET. Great pass, great catch. Michael Floyd is so strong and athletic.

5:41 ET. That’s a great stat for Notre Dame. Crist has completed a pass to seven different receivers.

5:38 ET. Yeah, the play was overturned, definitely the right call.

5:35 ET. What’s gotten into the Notre Dame pass rush in the second half? Touchdown for now, but by the looks of the replay, he was down. Still a great job on getting the sack though.

5:34 ET. Bad exchange on the hand off and then a sack. Two straight drive killers

5:32 ET. Purdue really needs to get a drive going here.

5:30 ET. Great pass by Crist to freshman T.J. Jones for the touchdown. Crist showed a lot of maturity on that play to connect for the touchdowns. Field goals will not work for the Irish as the season goes on.

5:28 ET. Cierre Wood is playing a fantastic game. Four carries over 10 yards

5:27 ET. Great return by Allen. He is so fast.

5:25 ET. Three and out again. Except for their one scoring drive, the Boilers can’t get anything going.

5:24 ET. Funny, they were just talking about how well Purdue’s offensive line has been playing and Lewis-Moore gets in on a sack.

5:22 ET. About time to get the second half going.

5:17 ET. Keith Smith is leading the receiving game with 7 receptions in the first half. He'll be a key in Purdue's attempt at a comeback in the second half. 

5:12 ET. Notre Dame holds a slight advantage in the rushing game, running for 108 yards. Armando Allen and Cierre Wood lead the way with 49 and 45 yards respectively.

5:05 ET. Dayne Crist is 12-16 with 126 yards while Robert Marve is 13-18 with 86 yards and an interception. Both of them are playing pretty well for their first start of the season.

4:59 ET. Purdue tried to draw Notre Dame off sides and ended up with a false start. That didn't work out too well.

4:56 ET. Wow, already 7 catches by Keith Smith. Keep getting him the ball.

4:54 ET. Notre Dame's special teams coverage is looking great so far.

4:53 ET. Another field goal for Notre Dame. They lead 13-3.

4:51 ET. I just noticed how Crist sort of slings his passes like Clausen does.

4:50 ET. Notre Dame is probably one of the best 2 minute drill teams in American since they are naturally a no-huddle team.

4:48 ET. As expected, this has been a very competitive game. One thing about this rivalry is the game is always close. Anyone remember last season's? Definitely an instant classic.

4:43 ET. One thing that makes the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints so good is the way they score right before the half. With 3:43 left in the second quarter, Notre Dame or Purdue, if the Irish score quick or turn it over, will have a chance to do just that.

4:40 ET. Field goal good by Purdue, but they still trail. Notre Dame leads 10-3.

4:37 ET. This drive is completely different because of the way the Boilers are running the football. I'll say it to the day I die: in order to be successful, teams have to establish the run game.

4:35 ET. Side note: Michigan is playing very well, leading UCONN by a score of 21-0. Rich Rod is responding pretty well to pressure.

4:31 ET. Another catch by Keith Smith. I completely agree with what the commentators are saying. If Purdue's offense is going to move the ball at all, they have to keep giving him the ball.

4:25 ET. The difference in the game so far is that Notre Dame can run and Purdue can't. Another score by Notre Dame on the field goal. 10-0.

4:22 ET. A lot of people questioned Crist's mobility after his ACL injury last season. Good run there.

4:20 ET. I'm very surprised at how well the Notre Dame secondary is playing today, even in the pass. Darrin Walls has been in on ever play, and of course, had that interception.

4:15 ET. Purdue can't run the ball, except for Marve's scrambling.

4:14 ET. Everyone, feel free to leave comments. I want to hear your thoughts on the game as well.

4:10 ET. If the Irish can run like this all day, it's going to make Crist and Kelly's jobs a lot easier. Touchdown Notre Dame. 7-0.

4:07 ET. All these Shotgun pass plays from the spread are making Knute Rockne turn in his grave.

4:05 ET. Cierre Wood is going to be a stud in the future. Look at this.

4:03 ET. Darrin Walls interception. That was a huge drive killer, but a great play by Walls.

4:01 ET. Gutsy call by Coach Hope. Good execution by Marve.

3:57 ET. Keith Smith will be all over the place today. Like Floyd on Notre Dame, Smith will be the big guy for Purdue.

3:55 ET. Notre Dame has to get their running game going if they expect to win. They can't put all the pressure on Crist in his first start.

3:51 ET. Three and out for Purdue. Like the announcers said, if Marve kept his head up there, it would have been an easy first down.

3:46 ET. Ryan Kerrigan is going to be in there a lot. He lead the Big Ten in sacks last season, so Notre Dame will definitely have to keep their eye on him. Pretty decent first drive for Crist. Let's see how Marve can do.

3:44 ET. I can already tell that Notre Dame has upped the tempo a lot. NBC has to rush to get the starting lineups across.

3:43 ET. Jason Werner, a key player for Purdue's defense, went to the same high school as me. Just saying.

3:42 ET. And we're off !

3:40 ET. "Our kids understand that we need to start winning games." Yes, you're right Brian Kelly. It starts here. A loss and you lose a lot of optimism; a win and everyone jumps on the bandwagon

3:35 ET. Can't begin to think about how nervous Brian Kelly is right now.

3:28 ET. I am so excited. Finally the season is beginning, games on all night. Is there really anything better than a Saturday full of college football?

3:24 ET. I've heard both sides of the story. Notre Dame fans are expecting a high-powered offense and a rout of Purdue. However, Purdue fans are expecting to get it done with their new quarterback. As far as I'm concerned, it could go either way right now.

3:18 ET. About 20 minutes until kickoff. In case you were wondering, the line is Notre Dame 10.5. Thoughts?


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