Boise State's High-Flying Assault Still Tops Frank Beamer's Virginia Tech Hokies

Brandon MoorContributor ISeptember 3, 2010

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore
Boise State quarterback Kellen MooreSteve Dykes/Getty Images

Boise State junior quarterback Kellen Moore hopes to apply his slightly amplified knowledge acquired at Peyton Manning’s quarterback camp from under center to the Washington Redskins home of FedEx Field for Monday night’s college football opener against a revamped Virginia Tech Hokies’ offense.

No stranger to lofting astronomical offensive numbers all around, Moore enters the 2010 season as a Heisman Trophy candidate, but there is no question he must stamp each game with impressive statistics to undoubtedly stay in the Heisman hunt.

The royal Smurf Turf Broncos’ offense looks to exceed last year’s offensive fabrication as they posted the second ranked offense in all of college football racking up a little over 42 points per game.

Kellen Moore only threw for 39 touchdowns uniting with 3,536 yards and an imposing three whole interceptions (offensive line only allowing five sacks), but of course his accuracy aided in moving the chains in such a proficient manner.  Parting from his offensive production, its Moore’s leadership which has compelled the Broncos to rise up to national gratitude, but the offense definitely alleviates any added strain.

Returning to a dangerous backfield is senior Jeremy Avery.  In 2009, Avery rushed for 1,150 yards and six touchdowns, but he’s not alone in the Broncos ground impound.  Doug Martin and D.J. Harper combined for an extraordinary 1,049 yards corroding the opponent’s defensive line while opening the floodgates for Boise to pile on the points.

Receivers Austin Pettis and Titus Young contribute to the majority of yardage heaped up by the Broncos’ receiving core.  On the contrary, that’s the primary concern mounting up for Coach Petersen’s bunch.  Lack of depth at receiver may serve an issue over the first few weeks, but as incredibly potent as the Boise offense can spring to, many can imagine it’s only a matter of time before the depth issue dissolves.

New weapons will swiftly emerge much to the delight of quarterback Kellen Moore, just wait and see.

Allowing just five total sacks a year ago, the Boise State offensive line reveals the chief obstruction to the vitality of Kellen Moore and the entire Bronco offense.  Similar to the production concern at receiver depth, the trivially depleted O-line won't be provided with the grace period of adjusting to their surroundings, seeing as for 45 to 55 snaps, they will be at war with a predictably harsh minded defense all night in week one.

Similar to last season, Boise’s offense will be tested to a degree most can’t contend with by most during the rest of the year.  However, this is not the Oregon Ducks visiting the friendly confines of Bronco Stadium.  This year, Boise State takes their Labor Day vacation on the road to Virginia Tech’s backyard. 

It’s been hammered into the minds of college football fans nationwide, but even though the Boise State Broncos are the favorites (though not overwhelming); their first game hinges not only on just winning, but their statement will most likely define their season-long reputation in the eyes of the mainstream media.

Modernizing an offense atypical of the year’s past, Virginia Tech’s newly discovered vertical passing game is still believed to pack less of a punch as Chris Petersen’s high flying scoreboard raiders led by Heisman hopeful Kellen Moore.

Labor Day evening in Landover, Maryland’s Fed Ex Field could be the spawning grounds for a plethora of combined offensive production.

This should be fun to watch.