What's the Punchline? The Joke of the NCAA Season: Week 1

David CotignolaContributor IISeptember 3, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 01:  Quarterback Brian Brunner #18 of the Central Michigan Chippewas moves to pass the ball during the game against the Indiana Hooisers at Memorial Stadium on November 1, 2008 in Bloomington, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As is the case every season, college football powerhouses pad their stats by pummeling some poor, cash-hungry program.  This year is no different, as several big schools tried to build their hype by embarrassing some school that they have no business playing. Or maybe they do, isn't NCAA football simply a business anymore?  The following is a quick breakdown of the night's most pathetic.

Wake Forest vs Presbyterian. Final Score: Wake Forest 53, Presbyterian 13. This game was 35-7 at the half.  What did this prove? Nothing. At least you can see Wake's 2 point defensive conversion when Wake returned a block extra point for a touchdown, and a sweet bounce pass trick play to force Wake to eat a little crow.

Central Michigan vs Hampton. Final Score: Central Michigan 33, Hampton 0. Hampton won 3 games in the MEAC. Enough said.

Indiana vs Towson. Final Score: Indiana 51, Towson 17. This will be at least one of Indiana's three wins this year.

Rutgers vs Norfolk State. Final Score: Rutgers 31, Norfolk State 0. The fact that Rutgers could only score 6 by the half was scary. I'm sure little Norfolk had visions of App. State...

Honorable Mention: Idaho vs North Dakota State. Final Score: Idaho 45, North Dakota State 0. If Idaho can throw 45 points on you, and you can't score, you should rethink your football program.  

Look, I understand it's a business, but it's also a farce. I dare people to look at some of College Football's "Star" players statistics if you took out the games against the FCS opponents. Bet they wouldn't look so good. As we near the end of the season, I plan to do just that.  

One more note, get ready for more insulting games this weekend as the following "games" get ready to kick off:

Florida State vs Towson

Penn State vs Youngstown State

Boston College vs Weber State

Mississippi vs Jacksonville State

Iowa vs Easter Illinois

Georgia Tech vs South Carolina State

USF vs Stony Brook

Arkansas vs Tennessee Tech

Texas A&M vs Stephen F. Austin

Ohio vs Wofford

Kansas vs North Dakota State

It hurts...I can't type any more. Now I know, the small schools agree to these games, but what else can they do? The money is too good for a small school to turn down, and should they be competitive, or maybe even win - the prestige it brings to the school is invaluable. In addition, the NCAA governing body, by allowing these games to count in the final standings and rankings only made the situation worse.  Pretty soon, Alabama will be scheduling games against Wisconsin Whitewater, the division 3 champions from last year... Do what you can to avoid this disgrace...watch a movie instead.