Look Out For The Giant Killers: Five Upsets Could Happen in Week 1

Ryan VirginCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

Look Out For The Giant Killers: Five Upsets Could Happen In Week One

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    The opening week of College Football is always very exciting, and although most big name programs start the season with a cupcake game, there are still schools that are willing to take on the world in week one.

    If you are looking to make a name for your unheard-of football program, the best way to do so is in week one against a giant.

    That is why September is the best time for upsets.

    Teams are working in new players, new schemes, new coaches, and often times aren't entirely prepared.

    It makes for quite a bit of excitement.

    and I cannot wait.

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Number 24 Oregon State Upsetting Number Six TCU

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    James Rodgers, Jaquizz Rodgers, and Ryan Katz.

    Those are the three offensive players that need to play well if the Beavers want to have a shot late in the game.

    Texas Christian's defense has been very good over the past few years, and this season shouldn't be anything different.

    The Beavers need to find a way to stop TCU's strong offense, but at the same time put some points on the board in any way they can.


    Oregon State doesn't have a bad defense either. But the experience factor is something that neither side of the ball possesses for OSU.

    It really does come down to the Beavers offense and how well they can connect.

    The Beavers are 1-12 in past opening games on the road against ranked teams, but they have earned the title of Giant Killers, so don't be surprised if they steal one from TCU.

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University Of Washington Over BYU

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    It is about time Jake Locker and the Washington Huskies have a coming out party.

    Last season's highlight was their last second win against USC, but there really wasn't much else to cheer about if you are a UW fan.

    Locker is a top five quarterback in the NCAA right now and if Locker can't lead his team to more that six wins this season, well I think that his draft stock would drop considerably.

    A lot is riding on this season for Husky fans.

    and what a better way to start than a win against Brigham Young University.

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Virginia Tech Spoils Boise State's Perfect Season Chances

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    As good as Boise State has been over the years, it is about time they get knocked off their WAC podium.

    The Broncos have one or two games each season that they have to get up for and this is one of them. Not only does BSU's entire season rely on how this game plays out, future respect is on the line.

    You have to earn your way into the minds of the voters when you play in the WAC, one loss could hamper their ability to sway national fans in the future.

    No one is sure of how well Boise States defense will play this season, but their most challenging test will come in the form of a runningback. Ryan Williams is a very dynamic runner and is unlike anything the Broncos will see the rest of the season. The key to the game is both defenses.

    BSU's offense has always been great and will be next season, so I give them the advantage here. But the defense could cause them troubles.

    Again, Boise State should be up for this game.

    But they are on the road and they are playing a very quality opponent.

    Either this is the beginning to the end, or it is the beginning of a Championship Game Run.

    Take your pick.

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Connecticut Strikes Down The Wolverines

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    This years UCONN football team has all the hype they need.

    Expectations are high for the university of Connecticut, while expectations could be lower for the Wolverines.

    Well, that's unfair.

    The expectations could be lower, but they haven't been this low in quite a while.

    Rich Rodriguez's coaching career at Michigan is on the line, but it seems that they just don't have enough talent to be anything but on the outside looking in when bowl season starts.

    Saying that the Wolverines will lose at home in the season opener is tough, really it is. But the Wolverines just aren't that good.

    Both teams have a chip on their shoulders, but I think the Huskies come away with the upset.

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UCLA Loses On The Road Against Lowly Kansas State

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    I don't see the Bruins improving off of their 7-6 record from last season. Their Lowly finish may very well start in week one against what should be a gimme game.

    A makeshift offensive line, a moderately healthy inexperienced young Quarterback, and a new offensive scheme isn't a recipe for success.

    If the Bruins want to win games this season, and I mean more games than last season, the Bruins are going to have to count on their supposedly improved defense.

    and I really mean count on it because it could very well be their only weapon.

    With so much in limbo for UCLA, it is hard to pick them to win on the road in the first game of the season.

    Sorry Bruins, it looks like your season opening party could start very poorly.

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