Storm Warning: There Is a Hurricane Off The Atlantic, Heading For Columbus

Cory AlpertContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

Miami's Jacory Harris attempts a pass vs. FSU.
Miami's Jacory Harris attempts a pass vs. FSU.Doug Benc/Getty Images

Now that we have seen the Hurricane's first game and have seen Jacory Harris go 13-of-16, and Leonard Hankerson got 116 yards receiving, making them the top 'Cane receiver of the night, while Lamar Miller got 65 yards rushing, setting Hankerson and Miller up for great seasons.  We also saw A.J. Highsmith have a great game with the second team, which is very promising.

As great as this win was, we must move on to the most pressing matter, the 'Cane's date with Ohio State on Sept. 11th. Now, with the first game for both teams being in the books, this is how the coming game should go.

QB Battle

Obviously the most talked about aspect of this game and rightfully so. Both quarterbacks have great shots at winning the Heisman trophy, and the most important trophy of all- the one with the crystal ball on top. This is how I see the stats breaking down.

Jacory Harris should have a dominant performance, throwing multiple touchdowns and setting up more for the newly-named "Four Horsemen" stable of running backs.  Given the growth of Harris and the much needed improvement on the Offensive Line, Harris should not throw for any picks, nor should any player on the offense turn the ball over.

Terrelle Pryor, in my estimation, will not fare so well against a stout Hurricane defense.  His line, in all likelihood, will allow more than three sacks and more than five quarterback hurries. Obviously, this should take Ohio State's ONLY weapon out of the game. All this penetration by Miami's defensive line should help contribute to a few takeaways by the outstanding Miami secondary.

Running Backs and Wide Receivers

Miami has the best running back stable in the country.  Miami has the best receiving corps in the country. I won't waste your time going on any further about this.

Defensive Line

Allen Bailey, Josh Holmes, Adewale Ojomo and Andrew Smith should end up crushing the Ohio State defensive line and winning the game for Miami.

The Ohio State defensive line will be left wondering what has just happened to them.  The talent and energy of the new-and-improved Miami Offensive Line.


Brandon Harris and DeMarcus VanDyke and the rest of the Miami secondary should combine for double-digit pass break-ups and one or two interceptions.

The Ohio State secondary will be left in the dust of Miami's track-star wide receivers. They may as well bring lawn chairs, a drink and a book.  This might be more productive for them.


The one position with any amount of doubt on the Miami team should show up fired up and ready to go. Colin McCarthy should make a good case for a high-round NFL draft pick and a bid for ACC Defensive player of the year, along with the numerous awards he is being looked at for. Sean Spence and the yet-to-be-named starting Middle Linebacker should provide more-than-adequate assistance, should any Ohio State player manage to make it past Miami's Defensive line- which, of course, would take either an act of god or a black hole passing through the field.


Miami's Randy Shannon (third best academic coach in the nation, improving every year, arguably the greatest defensive coordinator the nation has ever seen, along with amassing three rings at Miami, one as a player and two as a coach).

Ohio State's Jim Tressel (Miami fans—if you ever need to get mad for anything, think of the 2002 Sweater-vest- Tressel has been to numerous BCS bowls and has had his team on the rise these past few years.  I just threw up, having to say something nice about him is not good for my digestive system)

I pick Randy, as most Miami fans who read bleacher report articles with any regularity.


Miami, with the superior strength, speed and intelligence, should easily conquer the inferior Buckeyes.


It's not cockiness; it is the truth.  Do not be disillusioned to think otherwise. Miami will clearly be the best team on the field that day.

However, until that day, all we can do is speculate.  I urge my fellow Miami fans to write their opinions of the game, and if you cannot attend in person, then root heavily from home, cheering on the 'Canes as they make their long overdue comeback.