Yahoo! Sports Charge Shameless: Texas, Alabama, Ohio State All Duck Boise State

Ted SillanpaaAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2010

BCS powers would love to have Boise State's Kellen Moore on their team.
BCS powers would love to have Boise State's Kellen Moore on their team.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Dan Wetzel, who writes college football for Yahoo! Sports, wrote on Monday that many big-time college football programs across the country are upset at Boise State. Seems BCS schools, mostly in the Southeastern Conference, don't think Boise State plays a tough enough schedule in the Western Athletic Conference before jumping to the Mountain West Conference next season.

Why not blast Texas Christian University for trying to break into the BCS without a BCS conference schedule, too? Wait, somebody most likely will if the Horned Frogs start quickly.

Wetzel seemed to be lobbying for BCS schools because, well, he didn't mention a coach, a school president or an athletic director by name when trying to make the point that Boise State is now one of the most despised football programs in America:

"As the 2010 season kicks off this week however, fans of teams from major conferences, especially ones with realistic championship chances, increasingly see Boise as something other than a plucky underdog. The Broncos are a team that, based on a favorable schedule, may have found an inside, and potentially unworthy, route to win a national title."

Wetzel is well known for his opposition to the current BCS system. So, perhaps, he's trying to make the point that a good team from a lesser conference can sneak into the BCS title game while SEC teams and Big 12 teams run a gauntlet that makes it difficult to finish the season with one loss, let alone undefeated. He's maybe angling for a playoff system. But, he's wrong to knock Boise State in the process.

Wetzel neglected to mention that the Boise State has tried to schedule home-and-home series with a number of big-time football powers. Big-time powers duck Boise State—especially if they'd have to go to Idaho to play.

Boise State's trying to take the easy route to the BCS? Alabama opens with hapless San Jose State, then plays Duke. Florida's powerhouse played Southern Florida and Appalachian State out of conference.Ohio State goes out of conference to play Ohio University, Marshall, and Eastern Michigan.

Boise State is traveling to play top-25 ranked Virginia Tech to open the season, then plays Oregon State, another preseason top-25 club. In conference, they play two other teams that big-time programs duck—Nevada and Fresno State.

Rather than try to paint Boise State and head coach Chris Peterson a threat to the BCS and, perhaps, on a par with Notre Dame as a team fans love to hate—Wetzel should be calling for Alabama, LSU, Florida, Ohio State and Texas to prove that the Broncos don't belong in their company by scheduling them to a home-and-home and simply beating Boise State to knock them from BCS consideration.

Texas plays Wyoming, Florida Atlantic and Rice this season. Yeah...and Boise State plays an easy schedule.

Peterson's made it clear that Boise State won't duck anybody, but San Jose State, McNeese State and Ohio University are still popping up on the schedules of the super powers.

As long as the powerhouses avoid Boise State, they have to business making the case that the Broncos are trying to back into the BCS.

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