College Players, Rogue Agents and Head Coaches, Oh My!

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College Players, Rogue Agents and Head Coaches, Oh My!
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Lately there's been a lot of talk about Sports Agents and how they are ruining college sports. Alabama's Nick Saban has spoken out against sports agents and would even like them banned from campus...Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN recently had Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops on and he stated that he would like more penalties put on these "rogue" sports agents...

Why can't schools simply go after the player once he enters the NFL? If schools would sue the player for his scholarship money that might help athletes think twice about taking money from an agent before he declares for the draft...If it doesn't stop the athletes from taking money, then at least the schools would recoup some of the monies lost to fines from the NCAA...

Once a player is caught it's usually after he leaves school and enters the NFL. The schools or NCAA have no actual recourse to punish the player for breaking the rules, yet the school is still held responsible. The tarnished school will  have it's trophies taken away, wins taken away (whatever good that does) and may even end up on probation with less scholarships and no bowl games allowed (which costs the school plenty of exposure and TV revenue)...

And what of the teammates left behind?

When the Reggie Bush Scandal finally came to the penalty phase for USC, some of the Trojan players who are currently on the roster were not even on the team when Reggie Bush played, yet they will suffer the consequences for sure...What happens if they go undefeated this season? (I realize it's not likely, but still)...They can't go to a bowl game and that would sure gum up the works for the BCS (maybe that's a good thing)...

Now if we had a play-off system and USC couldn't participate in that due to the infractions then all would be well, but that's another argument altogether!

Anyway, it would just be nice to see these players take some of the blame and suffer some kind of consequence other than the embarrassment and shame, if they even feel that!

Don't even get me started on coaches breaking the rules and then leaving for the NFL...How is 'ol Pete Carroll doing anyway?

Thanks for letting me rant here...Believe it or not, I am still very excited about the upcoming college football season!

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