Boise State: Faith Like Potatoes

Kyle Cook@KyleCook1988Contributor IAugust 31, 2010

When you think Boise State football you think two things. One is the Blue "Smurf" turf at Bronco Stadium (fun fact: the university has a lot of problems with dead geese and ducks trying to land on the stadium surface),and the other is arguably the most exciting game in the history of College football at the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl in 2007 where 

Boise State played against the highly touted Oklahoma Sooners.
Think back seven or eight years and this team was not even a thought in the college football world. Last year they took another trip to the Fiesta Bowl against another mid-major team in TCU. They were tested by the Horned Frogs but prevailed 17-10, once again showcasing there talent on a huge national stage.

The Broncos have become a force in college football and they are the "sexy" pick to go to the National Championship. They have the non-conference schedule that includes two top-25 teams in Virginia Tech and Oregon State. And they have the early preseason ranking that sets them up for success at number three.
Both of these things put them in the position to play for the national championship. If the Broncos are to go undefeated and no other team from the Big Six BCS Conferences go undefeated then they will see themselves playing for that Crystal football.
I would say that if you were to poll college football fans, 70 percent would want to see these Broncos in the National Championship as a nice, feel good Cinderella story. I am not one of those people. Boise always surprises me but they have not played a team like Alabama or Texas and I do not think they have what it takes to play these top tier teams.
I would much rather see a 12-1 SEC runner up play than Boise St, to be honest. I don't want to discount what Chris Peterson has done with this program. He has done a ton. But I cannot fathom seeing a team where the toughest conference game they have is against Wyoming.
It would kill me to see an 11-1 Ohio State or Iowa miss out on the National Championship. Next year when they play tougher opponents in the Mountain West you could make the case for Boise State, but right now, this year, it would pain to me see them playing in this game.
These talks need to go away, unless they're undefeated by week three. I don't see them getting past Virginia Tech and I think that they could have trouble with Oregon State. Kellen Moore is a heck of a quarterback and the nation should keep an eye on him as a Heisman trophy candidate, but that's enough as far as hardware goes. It will be interesting to see what they do, but I will be rooting hard for the Hokies and the Beavers.