2010 College Football Predictions: Top 10 Quarterbacks

Bleacher ReportContributor IAugust 31, 2010

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 17: Quarterback Ryan Mallett #15 of the Arkansas Razorbacks sets to pass against the Florida Gators October 17, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

It's rather cold and stormy out. That tells me it's football season!

I'm making a top 10 list of quarterbacks for the upcoming college football season. My rankings are based on their schedule, past performance, and talent.

My No. 10 quarterback is Case Keenum out of Houston. He is a very talented young quarterback who has shown some of the "it" factor out on the field. He has a very quick release, and he throws the ball where it needs to go.

Last season he threw for 5,671 yards, 44 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. He has the talent to be higher on the list, but with the easiest schedule of the quarterbacks on the list and a less than great team, he starts the list.

At No. 9 I have Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. He is also a very talented young quarterback. He has an NFL-caliber arm with the intelligence to lead a team responsibly; however, he loses his Heisman-caliber running back, Toby Gerhart, to the NFL.  

The Cardinal has a very tough schedule, which will make any Rose Bowl run very difficult. Although Luck could possibly leave after this season to the NFL as a top prospect, he only makes my list at nine due to his difficult schedule and questions at running back.

The eighth best quarterback this season will be Terrelle Pryor out of Ohio State. He comes off his best collegian performance in the Rose Bowl against Oregon, in which he led his team to victory, throwing for 266 yards with two touchdowns.

He is one of college football's most athletic quarterbacks with the ability to run or pass all over the field. He has the gift of a great running game and an even better defense. Although Pryor threw far too many interceptions last season with 11, he has matured and will throw much less.

At No. 7 I have Christian Ponder out of Florida State. He put up some solid numbers last season considering he was hurt the last four games of the year, with 2,717 yards, 14 touchdowns, and seven interceptions.  

Although they will have to deal with a tough schedule, the Seminoles will be rejuvenated under first-year coach Jimbo Fisher. Ponder is coming off his best season by far and has been talked about as a Heisman candidate.   

The sixth most successful quarterback will be Kellen Moore, the junior out of Boise State. He is one of the smartest quarterbacks in college football and one of the most efficient as well.

Although he doesn't have a great arm, he will excel this season due to his very easy schedule and the fact that he has a great running game to help him through the season. Last season he threw for 3,536 yards, 39 touchdowns, and only three interceptions.

At No. 5 we have Matt Barkley, the sophomore quarterback out of USC. He threw for 2,735 yards, 15 touchdowns, and a much too high 14 interceptions. Expect all of his numbers to get better this season. Playing with a chip on his shoulder due to the program's probation will definitely make him much more efficient.

He has a very good, live arm and a very manageable schedule. Along with that, he will be trying to prove to the nation that his school is still of the elite class. Expect him to lead his team to 10 wins this season.

My fourth best quarterback is Jerrod Johnson out of Texas A&M. He is the best multiple-threat quarterback in the NCAA. He is just as, if not more athletic than Terrelle Pryor. Last season he threw for 3,579 yards, 30 touchdowns, and only eight interceptions.

His Aggies have a weak schedule in Big 12 terms, which really helps his case in my rankings. He has a very solid arm along with the footwork to make himself a great quarterback. He always sets his feet when throwing on the run, and he just rarely makes a serious mistake. 

At No. 3 I have Jake Locker out of Washington. Although the Huskies have a rough schedule, Jake is good enough and intelligent enough to pull out seven or eight wins.

With his great arm and intangibles, he threw for 2,800 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. The Huskies are led by up-and-coming head coach Steve Sarkisian. They also bring back a 1,000-yard runner from last year to take some pressure off Locker.

The No. 2 quarterback is Landry Jones of Oklahoma. He had a great season last year despite the fact that he had to replace Sam Bradford with no notice. In his unexpected role he threw for 3,198 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions.

Last season, he had his ups and downs, including a game against Nebraska in which he threw five interceptions, but don't expect any more ugly performances this season. With his good arm and mechanics, Oklahoma has a good chance at winning the Big 12. His team has a schedule that should be no problem with their talented group.

My No. 1 quarterback for the 2010-2011 college football season is Ryan Mallett out of Arkansas. He has the best arm in college football, and he doesn't make many mistakes. He is one of the few gunslingers that make good decisions.

Last season he threw for 3,627 yards, 30 touchdowns, and only eight interceptions. I expect his numbers this season to go off the charts. Although Mallett may have a great season, I don't expect his team to get to 10 wins this season. However, this will not be because of him; instead it will be the fault of the treacherous schedule Arkansas has this year.

My two honorable mentions are Garrett Gilbert out of Texas and Nick Foles of Arizona. Both are very talented; however, I haven't seen enough of Gilbert to be confident in putting him on the list, and as for Foles, I just don't think his Arizona team is good enough to put him on the list.

Make sure to enjoy the 2010-2011 college football season. It kicks off Thursday night with some fun games.