Nebraska Football: What the 2010 Season Has in Store for the Huskers

Robbie SearlesContributor IIAugust 30, 2010

LINCOLN, NE. - JUNE 11:  University of Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini jokes with members of the media at a press conference announcing Nebraska accepting an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference June 11, 2010  in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The university will begin integration immediately and start athletic competition as soon as 2011. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

After the most exciting, and drama filled off season in Nebraska football history, the 2010 season is finally upon us. With questions still yet to be answered regarding starting positions, primarily quarterback, Husker Nation will get its first look at the Huskers of the new decade by 6:00 on Saturday evening. Here are my thoughts, concerns, predictions, and everything in between regarding the 2010 season, the final hooray for the Huskers in the Texas-hungry Big 12 Conference.

*Am I the only one that would like to see a marquee matchup for the Huskers to kickoff the season? Great. 0-12 Western Kentucky, doesn't get the competitive juices flowing for me quite yet.

*With the Huskers moving to the Big 10 following this season, I'm calling for another major change for the University's athletic department. Starting in 2011, the Huskers need to say goodbye to Adidas, and hello to Nike. I've just always been a Nike guy, call me crazy.

*Being a student at UNL, I hear a lot of different scenarios regarding rumors about the team. The one that keeps coming back to me is, obviously, about the starting quarterback position. My sources inside the program are telling me that Pelini and crew are "SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING" starting Taylor Martinez in the season opener against Western Kentucky, to reward him for his overall improvement this summer.

*Reward or not, Martinez should be Nebraska's starting quarterback in 2010.

*Taylor Martinez will not be the starting quarterback week three at Seattle against the Huskies. Zac Lee gets the nod, but will have a very short leash. If he struggles, look for Watson to call on Martinez.

*Cody Green will transfer out of Nebraska following the 2010 season.

*The Huskers beat Washington by 14 points, as Prince Amukamara picks off Jake Locker twice, en route to solidifying his position as the best player available for the 2011 NFL Draft.

*For the second consecutive season, the Huskers will struggle on their Thursday night road trip for an ESPN nationally televised audience. Manhattan will be rowdy, and Daniel Thomas will continue to run through the Huskers defense. A second half surge, similar to what happened last year in Columbia, will keep the Huskers from losing to the Wildcats.

*When you look up "trap game" in the college football dictionary, by definition it states: "Nebraska 2010 Schedule: Thursday, October 7th @ Kansas State. Saturday, October 16 vs Texas"

*I am not a fan of the Red Out Around the World campaign being put on by the Athletic Department. Husker Nation does not need any sort of extra incentive to be fired up for the Texas game.

*When I envision the showdown versus Texas, I absolutely can not picture that game with a 2:30 kickoff time. Thank you NASCAR, ABC really dropped the ball on this one.

*The Huskers punch Texas in the mouth, and get after Garrett Gilbert early and often. Mack Brown can not get his first year starting quarterback to settle in to the hostile environment, a la Landry Jones in 2009. Huskers roll to a 17 point victory against the 'Horns. 

*The third time is the charm for Roy Helu and his health. He will remain healthy throughout the season, as Watson will distribute carries between the senior and his two Sophomore phenoms, Rex Burkhead and Tray Robinson.

*The Huskers beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater before handing it to Blaine Gabbert. Word to the wise for any quarterback who commits to the Huskers for an extended period of time, when decommiting from the Big Red, don't sign with a regular Husker foe, as you will never defeat the Huskers in your time as a starting quarterback. Ask Josh Freeman, and you can ask Gabbert once he opts for the 2011 NFL Draft following his Junior season.

*The Huskers cruise to a 10-0 record following a road trip Lames Ames, Iowa and visit from former Husker hero Turner Gill and his Kansas Jayhawks. Nebraska wins convincingly in both matchups, and the national title talk starts to heat up, despite Pelini's best efforts.

*The Huskers get their first loss of the season to the Aggies after traveling to College Station. Jerrod Johnson is the real deal, and it's always tough to get a win at Kyle Field, I don't care who you are.

*The Huskers head to Dallas with an 11-1 record, and a number four ranking. The last Big 12 championship game pits the classic rivalry of Oklahoma and Nebraska. Jerry Jones World will never see more red than it will that first Saturday night of December.

To every and all Husker fans who are considering making the trip to Dallas for the Big 12 championship. Do it. I made it last year, and it was truly an amazing experience. Cowboys Stadium 2.0 is remarkable, as it is easily the best sports stadium I have ever been to.

*The Huskers lose to undefeated Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship, as Brent Venable's defense proves too much for the improved 2010 Huskers offense. Demarco Murray wins the Heisman after scoring two touchdowns for the Sooners, and goes down as one of the best backs in OU history, joining Billy Simms and Adrian Peterson.

*The Huskers receive an at-large bid to the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, where they will take on the Tigers of LSU. This is a very intriguing matchup for Bo Pelini, as he still holds a very special place in his heart for the Bayou Bengals. The Huskers prevail, as two of the most physical defenses in college football beat the hell out of each other's offenses.

*12-2, goodbye Big 12, hello Ohio State and the Big 10. We look forward to being apart of the prestige that comes with your conference.

*Big 12 will be no more following the 2012 season, as Texas bolts for the SEC, bringing Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech with them.