2010 College Football Predictions: Ohio State Will Be Big Ten Champs

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIAugust 29, 2010

2010 College Football Predictions: Ohio State Will Be Big Ten Champs

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    There only four days left until the start of the Ohio State football season. Some are calling this a national championship run year, but one thing is for certain, it will definitely be a Big Ten Championship year for the Buckeyes.

    Ohio State has many of the necessary pieces in place to make this season a successful one.

    The returning players are at the peak of their game, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, they have one of the best coaches in the nation and they have earned the perfect spot in the college football ranking system to begin the season with.

    With all of the work they have put into practice and the reports coming out of those practices, it seems almost certain that Ohio State will all of its games, especially the ones against the other Big Ten schools.

    The next several slides will explain how each piece of the puzzle of success they have put together will help them win the Big Ten Championship this season.

Players Return with Top Talent-Offense

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    This will be yet another exciting year to watch Ohio State football thanks to all of the retuning offensive talent from last season.

    With 10 returning players, the Buckeyes were able to build on the end of last season’s success, which will make them an even better offense this season.

    The offensive talents to watch this season are Captains Bryant Browning, Dane Sanzenbacher and Brandon Saine as well was DeVier Posey and Mike Brewster.

    With this dynamite line up of offensive players, the Buckeye offense will be a tough force for any team to stop.

    All together last season, this group rushed more than 2,500 yards and scored more than 20 touchdowns for their team.

    If this offensive line can continue to improve upon these statistics, Ohio State should have no problem winning every Big Ten game this season, thus securing their spot as this year’s Big Ten Champions.

Players Return with Top Talent-Defense

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    No successful team can be complete wit out an excellent defense. Ohio State is no exception.

    The Ohio State defensive line is one of the best in the nation.

    From last season, the Buckeyes only lost a few of their starting defensive players. With the return of six of the starters from last season, as well the addition of several players off the bench from last season, this defense should be stronger than ever.

    The defensive talents to watch this season will be Captains Brian Rolle, Ross Homan and Cameron Heyward as well as Nathan Williams and Dexter Larimore.

    The really exciting and powerful defensive combination on the field will be Rolle and Homan. As seen last season, they play well together and can bring out the best in the rest of the defense around them.

    Ohio State always has one of the top rated defenses in the nation, and this year will be no exception.

    With this combination of excellent returning talent, Ohio State’s defense will be a very hard force to get past for any team in the Big Ten.

The Quarterback – Terrell Pryor

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    The most popular and most well known player on almost any football team is the quarterback. This is definitely true for Ohio State.

    Terrell Pryor is probably the most well known individual player on the OSU team right now, and with good reason.

    Pryor is one of the top QBs in the nation, and has helped lead his team to victory over and over again in the last two seasons.

    His ability to stiff arm defense trying to tackle him and his speed make him one of the better QBs in the NCAA.

    Even when he was hurt last season, he still was able to play at much higher level of ability than many other QBs in the nation.

    Last season alone he passes more than 2,000 yards and scored 18 touchdowns for the Buckeyes. Now that he is back and no longer injured this season, this junior should be able to further expand upon what he accomplished last season, and become an even greater QB for Ohio State.

    With his help, the offense will continue to grow stronger this season, and Ohio State should have one of the strongest offenses in the Big Ten and the NCAA.

The Best Coach in the Big Ten

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    Jim Tressel is arguably the best coach in the Big Ten right now.

    Throughout his nine seasons with OSU he has earned six Big Ten Championship titles, taken his team to the National Championship three times and won one National Championship title.

    Tressel knows exactly when to play conservatively and when to really push his Buckeyes to do something a little more risky to secure a win for OSU.

    With his continued guidance, in addition to all of the retuning talent this season, OSU should be one of the hardest teams in the Big Ten to play against.

AP Top 25 Ranking

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    OSU will be starting this season ranked No. 2 in the polls.

    This is the perfect spot to start the season in.

    Starting at No. 1 is usually a cursed position, one that many teams have trouble keeping all the way through the season.

    No. 2 is the perfect spot to start for the Buckeyes because it gives them room to move up the ranking scale, and it proves that this season’s OSU team is one of the best in the nation.

    With this kind of recognition in addition to the talent and coaching staff of this team, it is clear that OSU is the best team in the Big Ten this season, which is why they will be Big Ten champions come the end of the season.