Saving the WAC

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Saving the WAC

Another article, another doom and gloom pronouncement from WAC commissioner Karl Benson.

"...Given reports that Hawaii also is considering going independent in football and has had least preliminary discussions with the Big West about its non-football sports, Benson acknowledged Tuesday that everybody in the league is now back in play—including USU.

“It wouldn’t surprise me to know that Utah State is having conversations with the Mountain West Conference,” Benson told The Tribune. “That’s probably a phase that applies to all of us now. It’s the operative phase.”..."

Look Commissioner Benson, I know you are depressed. 

It has to be depressing to put together home-run scenario after home-run scenario only to be sold out time and time again by short-sighted, disloyal members, but... this is your job.

The best possible take I have come up with is that maybe you are trying to lull the the neighborhood bully, MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson, into a false sense of security and dominance. 

That isn't a bad strategy, but there is a downside.  Every defeated word from your lips paints a picture of a valueless conference on the verge of collapse to fans of your current membership.  It hurts more than it helps, so it has to stop.

A friend of mine once told me something at what I felt was my lowest point, but I needed to hear it and I think so do you.

"Man up, Dude."

Enough of this crying in your beer.  Until this conference has no members, they dissolve it, or they fire you, you are the magic man.

It is your job to fix things.

You need to look at this optimistically.  There is a real shot that you might have some actual loyalty from the conference membership if you can get them by this.

The conference has fallen in esteem so much that you can add the schools you need to generate TV revenue without stupid reasons getting in the way.

In that one regard you are in much better shape than the MWC.

Yes, the glass is half empty, but any half-empty glass is also by definition half-full.

Things are tough but I have a plan to help you make the magic happen (laid out step by step in Bleacher Report slideshow format for all the BR audience).

Any WAC resurrection plan at this point will involve multiple steps and will be convoluted.  The conference has fallen to too few members for simple solutions. 

I can't do much about it being convoluted, but I have done my best to make sure each step is at least within the realms of possibility as every candidate school has some dissatisfaction with their current conference, very little to lose in a potential upgrade and a lot to gain, or perhaps some fears about maintaining their current conference membership.

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