College Football Predictions: Jim Tressel and Ohio State Are No.1

Zodiac GardnerContributor IAugust 28, 2010

This final pre-season poll does not discount where teams are ranked in the AP Poll.

We include the AP rankings with a projection of the final Top 10 poll.

Only by comparing where teams begin can we conclude they did not meet expectations, achieved, or even exceeded what was perceived as appropriate.


AP Ranking               Zodiac's Ranking          Projected Season End Ranking

No.1: Alabama            No.1: Ohio State                    No.1: Ohio State

No.2: Ohio State         No.2: Boise State                   No.2: Nebraska

No.3: Boise State        No.3: Iowa                             No.3: Boise State

No.4: Florida               No.4: Nebraska                      No.4: Iowa

No.5: Texas                No.5: Florida                            No.5: Florida

No.6: TCU                  No.6: Alabama                          No.6: Oklahoma

No.7: Oklahoma           No.7: Oklahoma                     No.7: Wisconsin

No.8: Nebraska            No.8: Wisconsin                     No.8: Miami

No.9: Iowa                  No.9: Miami                             No.9: Alabama

No.10: Va Tech            No.10: Houston                     No.10: Navy


It can hardly escape notice there are no PAC 10 or Big East teams in the AP pre-season poll. For this reason it is biased toward just reprinting information from last year.

Last year was last year.

Ohio State will play Nebraska in the BCS Title Game. The other BCS Bowl Games will follow in this order:

Rose Bowl- Iowa vs Stanford

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma vs West Virginia

Sugar Bowl- Florida vs Boise State

Orange Bowl- Miami vs Alabama