College Football: Michigan Players Interview Redux

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IAugust 27, 2010

ANN ARBOR, MI - NOVEMBER 21: Roy Roundtree #12 of the Michigan Wolverines tries to get though the tackle of Jermale Hines #7 of the  Ohio State Buckeyes on November 21, 2009 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ohio State won the game 21-10. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A  football team can be an extension of the head coach and reflect his personality. Apparently, that’s evident under Rich Rodriguez. recently published the results of interviews with 19 members of Michigan’s football team.

Answers ranged from the strange, one player rooting for Kansas State before joining Michigan, to the comical, with six players voting Terrelle Pryor as the Most Overrated in the Big Ten.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, maybe the 19 Michigan teammates should have remembered that they were in the Top 25 before crashing and burning on the coattails of Tate Forcier and real defenses.

The Michigan players couldn’t REALLY feel that way, could they?

Have they no respect for just how far they have fallen under Rich Rodriguez?

We here at Buckeye Commentary took it upon ourselves to re-interview those 19 members and set the story straight.

They were willing to get candid and tell us what they really thought.

Really. I swear.

Teams really do reflect their head coach.

In fact, every player that participated cried after the interview. Oh Richie, you taught them well.


1. Without voting for a teammate, who’s the most exciting player in the Big Ten this year?

  • Wisconsin Running back John Clay - 2
  • Don’t know - 2
  • No comment - 2
  • Ohio StateReceiver DeVier Posey - 1

“Cameron Heyward. You said terrifying, right?” – Denard Robinson.

“Why don’t you ask somebody that will be playing this season?” – Tate Forcier

“Terrelle Pryor. He big.” - Cullen Christian.


2. Who is the most overrated player in the Big Ten this year?


  • Tate Forcier - 4
  • Indiana RB Darius Willis - 3
  • Illinois QB Juice Williams - 2

“So we can vote for a teammate on this one?” – Craig Roh

“Tate Forcier. I might take his wings away during the season.” – Rich Rodriguez


3. Who is the hardest hitter on the Wolverines defense?

  • Greg Robinson - 2
  • Ohio State receiver DeVier Posey – 1
  • All of them - 0


“JT Floyd is the hardest hitter. Sometimes when we both miss a tackle, he slams into me real hard.” – James Rogers

“John Clay. But he don’t play for Michigan. Just seems like he’s always hittin’ us hard” – Obi Ezeh

4. What college football team did you root for before joining the Wolverines?

  • West Virginia -10
  • Michigan St - 4
  • Toledo - 3
  • Da U - 1
  • Tulsa – 1
  • App St – 1
  • Don’t Know - 1

“I was waitin’ on that Tulsa schollie and it never showed up.” – Anonymous

“I didn’t care for football, I’m just trying to get paid.” – Michael Shaw


“Ohio State? Naw, they didn’t even recruit me.” – 95 percent of the team


5. What’s your most embarrassing football memory?

“The last two seasons.”