College Football AP Preseason Poll: Auburn Fans Can Rank AP Voters

Kevin McGradySenior Writer IAugust 21, 2010

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 24:  Fans of the Louisiana State University Tigers cheer during pregame before playing  the Auburn Tigers at Tiger Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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The AP voters that thought Auburn was unworthy of ranking in the 2010 preseason poll were as follows.

These are the only two voters from the SEC region that deemed the Auburn team unworthy of ranking. There is little doubt that these writers were well informed and made this decision based on their educated opinion. If history is any indicator, that is unlikely to change this year. Auburn will likely continue to be well underappreciated by these voters all year.

John Solomon of Alabama

Manny Navarro of Florida

These voters are from the Big 10 region. If their vote goes true to history, they will become less and less regionally biased as the season goes along and it becomes apparent that there are not three Big 10 teams worthy of ranking near the top ten.

It will take some eye popping statistics to sway this group. This is one reason why it is imperative that Auburn play at full capacity for every game this year. A hand shake with opponents is enough politeness.

Bob Asmussen of Illinois

Doug Lesmerises of Ohio

Lisa Byington of Michigan

Tom Mulhern of Wisconsin

These are northeastern regional voters and historically are not paying attention at this point. These votes are likely based on the 2009 season. The voters from this region tend to be very fair as the season gets started and more information is available.

Sal Interdanato of New York

Steve Conroy of Massachusetts

Keith Sargeant of New Jersey

Rob Long of Maryland

Big 12 regional voters have never been very informed or fair to SEC regional teams. It is unlikely any of this will change as the season progresses. Writers from this region tend to have more extreme rankings as the season moves along.

Adam Zuvanich of Texas

John Shinn of Oklahoma

Mike DeArmond of Missouri

John Werner of Texas

These voters are unlikely to even be informed about Auburn yet and are likely to be fair as they become more informed.

Chad Cripe of Idaho  

Greg Archuleta of New Mexico

Mark Anderson of Nevada

Wade Denniston of Utah

Fred Lewis of Hawaii

Auburn fans can go here to see how each voter voted and give an opinion on how each voter performed in your opinion. I would suggest that Auburn fans take the time to rank every voter. Fans can rank the voters that left Auburn out of the poll by simply following the link provided.