If Colt McCoy Didn't Get Hurt..

Colin Contributor IAugust 21, 2010

If Colt McCoy Didn't Get Hurt..

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    Oh the possibilities are endless when you think about what could have happened if Colt McCoy had not gotten hurt in that BCS Championship Game against Alabama.  Here are a few possibilities.. 

He could have played Linebacker.

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    They could have used the great Colt McCoy on defense, because both Ingram and Richardson shredded the nations #1 rushing defense.  Both rushed for over 100 yards each against Texas.  Including one 49 yard spurt right up the middle for a touchdown by Trent Richardson. 

He could have went in as receiver too.

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    I don't know, maybe Colt McCoy had some sticky magic dust on the ball.  But Texas' receiving corps had more drops than Texas alum Roy Williams in a year's worth of games.  Jordan Shipley may have ended with 10 catches for 122 yards, but he was not blame free.  He had a couple of drops, as did Malcolm Williams.  It wouldn't have mattered if Colt McCoy or John Elway was out there.  They were droppin' balls like crazy. 

Mack Brown still would have called the shovel pass.

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    Same result, Colt McCoy would have gotten Body Slammed then..Just like Gilbert did.  None of it made sense, but Mack Brown doesn't make a whole lot of sense anyway.  A shovel pass, really?  It wouldn't have mattered if Colt McCoy was in the game, Mack Brown is a Bafoon and he's sure screwed the team on this play.  

Alabama would have won by a bigger margin.

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    Bama's game plan was keyed for McCoy, so he eventually would have tried to run and more punishment would have been delivered.  Oh yeah, & the receivers were dropping balls all night, as I already mentioned.  Oh wait McCoy has sticky magic dust.  And a Bionic Arm that he couldn't feel anymore.  Can he feel his arm now?  I swear I saw him walking off the field the other night in a pre season NFL game, holding his arm.  Only difference was, his daddy wasn't chasing him. 

Gilbert was tougher than McCoy.

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    Gilbert was Texas' only prayer, but it wasn't enough.  Colt McCoy would never have made the full 4 qtrs.  If not for Gilbert, Alabama would have won by 4 touchdowns.  

I mean really, would it matter who the QB was?

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    No running game Texas.  I repeat, No Running Game.  Just bruised and battered QB's.  & Colt McCoy still would have cried.  Face it Texas, Alabama beat you silly.