Twists and Turns Define 2007 College Football Season

Will NortonCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2007

Mark S. Hawkins/Icon SMIThe BCS is faulty and, yes, we all comprehend this basic fact of life. Anyone with a pulse for March Madness and the divine power of tournament play knows that.

But computer controversy aside, 2007 has been undisputably the nuttiest, most unpredictable bunch of Saturdays we have seen in a long while.

Just take this under consideration: Of the 13 weeks completed since week 1 when #1 USC defeated Idaho 38-10 and #2 LSU pummeled MSU 45-0, there have been just five weeks that have seen the top two ranked teams in the country both win.

And over the last month, not a single Saturday has culminated in the BCS's top two squads surviving unscathed.

For someone witnessing this madness all year, what happened last night was just a standard Saturday. #1 Mizzou (as the underdog, mind you) dropped the Big XII title game to Oklahoma, while #2 West Virginia fell—at home—to its rival, a 4-7 Pittsburgh team.

I mean, does anyone actually want this thing?

It has been a season that Vegas must despise. How can you predict a favorite from week to week with the amount of parity displayed this year? Moreover, do these stunning upsets week after week point to a year of college football in which no one team is really all that dominant?

The amount of absurd upsets we have witnessed would suggest so.

But here's the part to really grasp: this type of insanity most definitely trumps the alternative—a.k.a., two juggernauts settling down comfortably at #1 and #2 in mid-October and not budging all season.

Makes you salivate for the things a 16 team tournament could offer, no?

While conversation will most certainly turn to how Ohio St.—this year's lucky son of the BCS—played no conference title game yet punched a ticket to New Orleans anyway, what we really should be discussing is how insanely fun this year was to watch.

At the end of the day, isn't this all we can ask for?

Stanford over USC? Kentucky and Arkansas in triple OT over LSU?

'Juice Williams and Illinois on the road over Ohio St? The fall of three different #1's and seven different #2's?

Let's sit back and reflect on what has been a truly remarkable 13 weeks.