Renee Gork: Today's Special About the Fired Gator

John TsiantosContributor IAugust 17, 2010

J.T. Sounds OFF- August 17, 2010


Renee Gork of KAKS radio in Arkansas was fired Monday.  What's the big deal you ask?  She wasn't fired because she lacked in her performance as a radio personality. Rather, Renee was fired because she wore a Gator cap to an Arkansas press conference. 

Fired!  Really?!? 

I get the fact that it isn't a bright idea to wear a rival SEC ball cap to a press conference.  However, it is an outrage to lose your job over it. 

This isn't some degenerate fan who is looking for his/her five minutes of fame ladies and gentlemen.  This an actual persons lively hood we're dealing with. 

Was it of best judgement for Renee to wear a Gator hat to a Razorback press conference? 

Absolutely not!

I fully understand that sports fans get extremely passionate about their teams. More so when College sports are involved. 

As a fan you don't want to walk into enemy territory wearing a rivals' jersey or in this case a ball cap.  

A good friend of mine once told be that you didn't want to walk into the old "Link" in Philadelphia wearing anything but Eagle gear.  In fact, a fan once got peed on because he was sporting a jersey of a rival NFC East team. 

The discomfort with this situation regarding Renee Gork is completely understandable. Furthermore, I have no issue with Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino refusing to take further questions from Ms. Gork at the press conference.  

I can't imagine he would stand alone on this if another coach was put in a similar situation.  

Here's what KAKS station manager Dan Storrs had to say regarding the firing of Renee Gork. "We are very biased.  We support the Razorbacks 100%."

Excuse me Dan. You lost that argument when you hired a Florida Gator at your station. 


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