Virginia Tech-Virginia: A Recruiting Shift in the State of Virginia?

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

BLACKSBURG, VA - NOVEMBER 27:  Linebacker Brandon Manning #48 of the Virginia Tech Hokies carries the school flag onto the field before a game against the Virginia Cavaliers on November 27, 2004, at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia. Virginia Tech defeated Virginia 24-10.  (Photo By Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Battle for the Commonwealth Cup has become a bit one sided on the gridiron between Virginia Tech and Virginia.

The last time the Wahoos beat the Hokies was in 2003.

Starting quarterback and place holder Matt Schaub executed a deadly fake field goal in which he hit wide open tight end Heath Miller for a score.  Virginia won 35-21 in Charlottesville, but haven't beaten the Hokies since.

It's been nice for Hokie fans. 

Six straight victories over Virginia have given the Hokies a stranglehold on recruiting in the state..  But is all that changing?

If you take a look at the 2011 recruiting class you may be surprised.  One school already has six committed players from the Hampton Roads—Virginia Beach area.  The other has none.

History would tell us Virginia Tech must be that school, but not in 2011. 

Virginia head coach Mike London has done a good job, so far, of gathering talent in that region. 

According to, of the six players from the Hampton area, Virginia has a 4-star recruit, five 3-star recruits and one 2-star. 

Overall, a pretty solid start for London. 

Virginia currently has the 22nd ranked recruiting class for 2011, compared to 35th for Virginia Tech.

Recruiting won't end until February 2nd, but we're talking about committed players.  Unless something happens with the recruits eligibility, these players are likely to stay put.

Virginia Tech might not have a committed recruit from the Hampton area, but they've gone out of state more than they usual.

The Hokies have a 4-star defensive tackle commit from Indianapolis, IN in Kris Harley, Jame Farrow is a 3-star cornerback recruit from Minnetonka, MN and a 3-star tight end recruit from McDonough, GA in Christian Reeves.

The Hokies have always had a few players from Georgia, so that's not surprising.  What is surprising is Indiana and Minnesota. 

One of Virginia Tech's best players is from Indianapolis; Darren Evans. The Hokies also have a player on their roster from Minnesota, long snapper Collin Carroll.

The Hokies have always had the majority of their players come from the state of Virginia.  I would even say, as far as national contenders go, the Hokies have more players on their starting roster from within their own state than any other formidable contender.

It's a sense of pride in some ways for Virginia Tech, but I would like to see the Hokies have more of a national recruiting presence. 

I think that's the difference between the Hokies, a great program, and the elite programs like Florida, Texas, Southern California and Ohio State.

London is definitely trying to put his stamp on the Virginia program and the community in Charlottesville.  Gaining recruiting ground in the state of Virginia is a good place to start.

As far as play, that's yet to be determined. 

Stars next to players names don't mean much.  All of that goes out the window and it's up to the coaching staff to shape the player.  Something Virginia Tech does on an annual basis.

Some of Virginia Tech's best players in recent years were 2-star recruits or less: Cody Grimm, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Flower, Orion Martin.

Maximizing potential is what's important and we won't know if London and his coaching staff can or will do that until we see the Cavs in action.

That being said, Virginia fans finally do have something to look forward to. 

I don't expect them to compete this year, but three years from now Virginia Tech-Virginia could once again be a rivalry worth watching.