The Top 10 Emerging Rivalries in College Football

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIAugust 12, 2010

The Top 10 New Emerging Rivalries in College Football

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    College football is all about rivalries; that’s what makes the games so exciting. Whether it is with your cross-town rival, your border war with the state next door, or your cross-country rival, where would the game of college football be without great rivalries? Here is a list of the top 10 new emerging rivalries in college football.

10. Cincinnati/Pittsburgh

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    The game last year was surprisingly good between these two. High scoring, exciting with a great ending.

    And unlike a lot of rivalry games, they actually played for something—the Big East title.

9. Southern/Grambling

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    The Bayou Classic is THE rivalry in the SWAC.

    It’s the Alabama/Auburn of black college football, full of passion and drama and one thing the Tide and Tigers don’t have—the band competition which is just as intense as the game itself.

    If you haven’t watch the Classic, make sure you catch it this Thanksgiving weekend.

8. Texas/Texas Tech

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    This game has gotten good over the years, especially with the emergence of Texas Tech and their offense.

    When they upset Texas a few years ago, the start of a really good rivalry game began.

7. Ohio State/Iowa

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    Who would have thought just a few years ago that this game would be THE game to see in the Big 10, but last year’s exciting 27-24 overtime victory by the Buckeyes sent them to the Rose Bowl.

    Here's hoping, now that the Big 10 is expanding next year,  that we'll get to see more of these great finishes for years to come between these two.

6. Clemson/South Carolina

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    Clemson/USC game has become the FSU/Miami of the ACC. It has everything—violence, hate, good players, and close games. Everything a rivalry needs in order to be good. 

    This rivalry has gotten to be one of the one’s we look forward to at the end of the season.

5. Arkansas/LSU

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    These teams may not play for a title, but it sure has been fun to watch during the Thanksgiving Holidays.

    This game has become one of the must-see games in the SEC at the end of the season, with exciting endings to boot.

4. USC/Stanford

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    This game started to get interesting when Jim Harbaugh became head coach of the Cardinal and began talking smack about the high and mighty Trojans and their head coach at the time Pete Carroll.

    Well not only did Harbaugh do that, but he backed it up by beating the Trojans not once, but twice in the last three years. Now that Lane Kiffin is in town, this game can only get better. 

3. Texas/Ohio State

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    Even though these teams only played each other a few times, the games have been really good for college football. The only bad thing about it is, it could knock one of them out of the national championship hunt.

2. Alabama/LSU

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    This game has always been pretty good, but the heat and the intensity of this rivalry was turned up a notch when a certain former LSU football coach arrived in Tucaloosa a few years ago.

    Now it’s an all-out war.

    The LSU/Auburn game used to determine who would represent the West in the SEC Championship game. Not any more. 

    This game the last few years has  determined the Western Division Champs. 

1. Alabama/Florida

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    This game the last two years has determined not only the SEC Champion, but who goes to the National Championship Game as well. We all waited with baited breath last year for this matchup because the game the year before was so good. This year, the pair meet in the regular season in Tuscaloosa.

    Can you say game of the year?

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