The Biggest Uh-Oh Moments in the SEC Last Season

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

The Biggest Uh-Oh Moments in the SEC Last Season

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    We've all had those moments when we wish we could go back and undo a decision that seemed good at the time, but in hindsight was a bad decision.

    Unfortunately some of the people that are in and around the SEC have had those moments too and they are there forever on videotape for the world to see over and over.

    Here is a recap of some of some of biggest blunders, blunderers, and uh-oh moments of the SEC season last season.


Tennessee Hires Lane Kiffin

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    Tennessee's Mike Hamilton thought he was getting a two for one hire last year when he hired everyone's favorite sound bite, Lane Kiffin. Monte Kiffin was thrown into the deal as well.

    Lane Kiffin's hire just set Tennessee back at least two more years and may have been the worst hire in Tennessee history.

    Lane didn't just lead the league in secondary violations, he led with so many foot in the mouth moments that writers in the South almost cried when he jumped ship to go to USC.

    He was someone you could always go to on a slow week for another "Guess What This Idiot Has Done Now" story.

Marc Curles - Penalized for Bad Officiating

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    Marc Curles made news by simply making news.

    You see, SEC refs aren't supposed to make news. But when you blow as many calls as Curles and his staff and get suspended for it, it makes news.

    He "gave" Florida a win against Arkansas last year, and that was after he badly blew a call in the Georgia -LSU game and the SEC had to publicly apologize.

    The entire SEC officiating crew came under national scrutiny and ridicule because of Curles last year.

    Maybe he should stick to his day job as a financial planner and not plan on officiating again this season.

Mount Cody, Cameras and Weigh Ins

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    This is a picture that didn't launch a thousand ships, but cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    When Terrance "Mount" Cody came for weigh in at the Senior Bowl in Mobile at the end of the season, he should have gone ahead and either worn a tee shirt (which wouldn't have increased his weight) or asked for no cameras to be allowed.

    This picture may have been the main reason he went later in the draft than expected.

    However it could get him an endorsement deal with Playtex for the new "cross your heart" line of bras.

Someone Should Have Told Tim Tebow

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    Hey, I like Tim Tebow. I've interviewed him and he's as sincere in real life as he is in interviews.

    But Tim, don't wear your heart on your sleeve all the time and never let your opponents see you cry.

The Meyer Meltdowns

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    No this photo is not a picture of Meyers explaining his head and heart problems to the press, but it could be.

    Last season, Meyer meltdowns were coming fast and furious until he simply stayed away from cameras long enough to take a deep breath and regroup.

    From yelling at a reporter and threatening him unfairly for simply making public a quote from a Gator player, to the now famous "Health Hiatus," Meyer just seemed like he was losing it at the end of the season.

    Perhaps the beating the team took from 'Bama in the last SEC Championship Game had more effect on him than Tebow.

Todd McShay - ESPN Idiot at Large

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    OK, since McShay is "evaluating" talent in the SEC, I put him in this list.

    Is there anyone dumber in evaluating talent than Todd McShay?

    He did affect one SEC school tremendously last season, when the Jevan Snead family stupidly listened to him ramble on about how Jevan was a sure fire first round pick in the NFL draft.

    In case your wondering how that went, go to the next slide.

Jevan Snead - Biggest SEC Blunder by a Player

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    Jevan Snead leads all players for not only making the biggest mistake, but for being an idiot.

    He wasn't happy at Texas and thought he was better than Colt McCoy (yeah, right) and that Texas was unfair to him and his talent, so he took his football to Ole Miss and Ed Ogeron.

    There he had a decent sophomore year followed by a very mediocre to horrible junior year.

    But somehow, with Todd McShay and one other idiot saying he was a sure fire NFL first round pick, Snead took his 50% completion record and his abysmal showing in his last game, (50% completion rate ZERO TD's THREE INT's) to the NFL, where everyone yawned and ignored him

    He signed as a free agent with Tampa Bay, only to be dumped before camp even began so they could keep household names like Josh Freeman, Josh Freeman, and no joshing, Rudy Carpenter.

    And this was a kid who thought he should go to the NFL early?

Les Miles - Biggest Idiot in the SEC - Player or Otherwise

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    Les Miles calling for a spike A is a simplified version of stupidity at its finest...

    "I don't know why our quarterback spiked the ball", said Les.

    "Uh Les, maybe it was because we have you on video running down the sidelines motioning him to spike it," said the press.

    "I don't remember doing that, you must have seen it wrong," stammered a nervous Les.

    "Uh Les, we have audio of you screaming for him to spike it as well, it's quite exact what happened," said the press.

    "Uh well, uh...." mumbled Les.

    "And Les, after that 46 yard miracle play, the clock was stopped to move the chains and all, you had more than enough time to bring on the field goal team, but that would have required forethought. Did you not consider that?" Wondered the press.

    "Uh well, uh....There was just a lot of  confusion on the sideline," muttered Les.

    With Miles, there usually is. Like when you let 17 run off the clock just before, without calling a time out, but hey, he's fun to have around and kick.

And There You Have It!

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    If you think of another great SEC blunder from last season that I forgot, let us know in the comment section.

    All of us here at Bleacher Report hope you enjoy the 2010 season, the highs, the lows, and the blunders.