Georgia Tech vs. Nebraska: Interesting BCS Title Matchups (Part 2)

Trevor JohnsonCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

Georgia Tech vs. Nebraska

I love option football. I love everything about it. I love that it forces the qb to be both the smartest and the most athletic person on the field. I love the split second where the qb has to decide whether to give to the full back or keep it and again when deciding to make the pitch or not. I love that the triple option gives the qb three options. I even like the way the option looks on television as the qb is running down the line.

However unlikely it may be, Georgia Tech and Nebraska would be a very interesting national title. It would be interesting because of the football ideological differences that the two programs now represent.

Georgia Tech has become a program stuck in mediocrity, and mediocrity is fine when talking about Texas Tech, Virginia, or Kentucky but this unacceptable for Georgia Tech. Tech produced the man that the greatest trophy in all of sports bears its likeness from and even though Georgia Tech has not consistently been an elite team for quite some time, its football history is rich. In addition to laying claim to John Heisman and four national titles Tech also owns the record for the biggest blowout victory in college football history with their 222-0 defeat over Cumberland.

My point is this.  Georgia Tech and the option need each other and this year they have the chance to bring both back into the spotlight. Even though I am not a Georgia Tech fan, I like Paul Johnson, I love the option and I love college football, for those reasons I would find it tantalizing if Georgia Tech did well this year, and for those who say a BCS birth would be impossible think about this.  Georgia Tech is returning one of the most talented defensive lines in the country; add on to that the option scheme is a ball control offense resulting in less time on the field for the defense. Less time on the field means that Tech’s defense will have more energy, less fatigue, less injuries and most importantly allow fewer points. Additionally, the ACC is down this year. Thirdly, the triple option scheme is fairly simple and one off season should be all Johnson needs to implement it. High Schools all across the country who run the option can attest to its relative simplicity to teach and use. Lastly, Josh Nesbit.  I was watching YouTube videos of Josh Nesbitt today and I was extremely impressed with his athleticism. I can guarantee you that Paul Johnson never had a qb at Navy that is as fast and as strong as Nesbitt. If he stays healthy, the ramblin wreck just might run all over unprepared foes this year.   

I picked Nebraska to be Georgia Tech’s opponent in the championship game not because I hope or believe they have a chance of making it there but just because Nebraska offers a nice contrast to Georgia Tech. Nebraska represents the most recent team to have great success with the option attack and I am one college football fan that is hoping Nebraska will come to its senses and bring back the old Nebraska way of playing football

Two years after playing for the national title the administration at Nebraska decided that the option brand of football just wasn’t good enough anymore.  The option gave Nebraska decades of success and titles but after two boring years, Nebraska filed for a divorce.  They now wanted something more sexy more modern, more… 21stcentury. Enter Bill Callahan and the west coast offense. Make no mistake about it. Nebraska’s decision to fire Solich was just as much a referendum on the state of option football as it was on the coaching ability of Solich. Some things just don’t belong, and the west coast offense in Nebraska is one of them.

Finally the Callahan experiment is over and maybe now  Pelini can take Nebraska back to being satisfied with not recruiting professional capable qb’s and wide-outs and go back to recruiting big ole Nebraska farm boys and fast option quarterbacks who fit perfectly into the system that enabled Osborne’s success.  The only thing Callahan did was make Nebraska look like the 1916 Cumberland team.

Nebraska playing Georgia Tech would be an opportunity for the huskers to look back 15 years, to look back at their old reflection and maybe find its true identity once again. With Georgia Tech leading the way it’s time for Pelini to pick up the phone and call Nebraska’s old loyal friend, he needs to say he’s sorry and that they were crazy for letting it walk out them that way. It’s time for the option and wishbone football to return to Lincoln.