2011 NFL Mock Draft: Can Mark Ingram capture another Heisman and be the

Dexter RogersCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2017

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Can Mark Ingram capture another Heisman and be the No.1 pick?

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    Are you ready for some football?!

    The NFL season will kick off this weekend in Canton, Ohio when the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Dallas Cowboys in the annual Hall of Fame Game.

    Yours truly was fortunate enough to land media credentials to cover the festivities as the likes of Emmit Smith and the incomparable Jerry Rice take their place amongst the greatest players of all-time.

    Several high-profile players from the 2010 NFL draft hope to make successful debuts with their new teams. Wide receivers Dez Bryant formerly from Oklahoma St. and Jordan Shipley formerly of the Texas Longhorns will officially start their NFL careers this weekend.

    Ironically they’ll make their starts where the very best players put the finishing touches on their careers by being enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

    While Bryant and Shipley have realized their dream in making it the NFL the college football season is just around the corner as well. The 2011 NFL Draft has the potential to be just as exciting as last years’ therefore it’s not too soon to speculate on who will make their dreams come and possibly get drafted in the first round.

    Will it be quarterback Andrew Luck of Stanford? Will Luck be “lucky” enough to go No.1?

    Can the strong-armed Jake Locker be a “lock” for the No. 1 pick? With a strong season who knows.

    Maybe, just maybe, Alabama’s reigning Heisman Trophy winner Alabama’s Mark Ingram can win his second trophy like Archie Griffin and lead The Crimson Tide to another National title. With another strong season can Ingram be the No. 1 pick in next years’ draft?

    Will the likes of a Dion Lewis get drafted in the first round if he declares for the NFL draft after his sophomore year? What if he surpasses his 1,799 yard season he posted as a freshman with a 2,000-yard season?

    Can Lewis be selected No.1 as a sophomore?

    It's time to take a look at who I project will go where in the first round of the NFL draft in 2011. Yes, a lot will be predicated on how well the players perform in the upcoming season. But it's never to early to at least speculate right?

1. With the first pick of the NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select quarterback Jake Locker of the University of Washington.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    This pick makes sense because the Seattle Seahawks will need a quarterback in the near future. Matt Hasselbeck is on his last legs. At some point they’ll need to groom their next starter.

    Who better than Locker?

    Locker has all the tools to be a very productive quarterback at the next level. Look for Locker to significantly increase the win total and his draft stock by posting some eye-popping numbers.

    He has the size and accuracy of a pro-style prototypical quarterback. His skills should bode well with the Seahawks under former USC head coach Pete Carroll.

2. With the second pick of the NFL draft the St. Louis Rams select Mark Ingram, running back from the University of Alabama.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    I think this could be the year Archie Griffin will no longer be the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner. Ingram is power runner with good speed. Yes, the Rams have Stephen Jackson but how much longer will he continue to endure a pounding that’s not translating into wins?

    I expect Jackson to ask for a trade so he can play for a winner while he still has productive years left in the tank.

    Ingram can step in and play right away. The Rams once again will struggle so why not take Ingram?

3. With the third pick of the NFL draft the Detroit Lions select cornerback Patrick Peterson of LSU.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    While the Lions let quarterback Matthew Stafford take his lumps last year they added Ndamukong Suh this year on the defensive side to take his.

    Look for the Lions to further strengthen their defense with adding Peterson to the mix. If he plays as well as he did last year he can step in and play right away.

    At 6'1" and 211 pounds he’s a big strong corner that’s considered the best cover-corner in the land. He has the ability to be one of the next shut down corners in the NFL.

4. With the fourth pick in the NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Julio Jones, wide receiver from the University of Alabama.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    While the Chiefs need severe help on the defensive side of the ball, particularly the d-line, Julio Jones would be an excellent choice for the Chiefs woeful offense. At 6' 4" inches tall Jones can be a great complement to Duane Bowe and Chris Chambers.

    Probably the best acquisitions the Chiefs made last year were non-players in Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis and Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel. They reunite from their Super Bowl days in New England to bring stability to the Chiefs on both sides of the ball.

    While both are great coordinators they can’t play on the field. Look for Weis to mold Jones into a great receiver to bolster the struggling Chiefs offense.

5. With the fifth pick in the NFL draft the Buffalo Bills select quarterback Ryan Mallet from Arkansas.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    The most notable trait about Mallet is his rocket arm and overall potential. He posted huge numbers last season in passing for 3,627 yards and 30 touchdowns. Despite his impressive stats he has occasional mental lapses.

    Even if the latter is true the Bills should take a chance on this rocket-armed QB who stands 6' 7" inches tall and weighs 240.

    Trent Edwards doesn’t appear to be the long-term solution at quarterback for the Bills. Head coach Chan Gailey should be able to help Mallet into becoming a serviceable quarterback at the next level.

6. With the sixth pick in the NFL draft the Washington Redskins select defensive end Adrian Clayborn of Iowa.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    The Redskins are known for playing solid defense and they are young. They will get even younger and better with Clayborn. He accounted for 11.5 sacks last season. Look for him to exceed that figure this season. Clayborn can effectively rush the passer and stop the run. At 6'3" and 282 pounds, he’s very agile for a big man.

7. With the seventh pick in the NFL draft the Chicago Bears select Chris Owusu, wide receiver from Stanford.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    It’s a known fact the Bears need help at the wide receiver position. Owusu can come in and help quarterback Jay Cutler cut down on those interceptions and bolster the passing game.

    Owusu is a difference maker. Put the ball in his hands and he can make things happen. He’s a bigger Dexter McCluster formerly of Ole Miss and now with the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s in the mold of a Devin Hester but bigger. He can be a better receiver than Hester before he eventually made the switch to receiver full-time several seasons ago.

8. With the eight pick in the NFL draft the New England Patriots select outside linebacker, Jeremy Beal of Oklahoma.

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    Class Standing: Senion

    While Mark Ingram could be good pick here if he slips on the draft board I feel the Pats should go with defense. The way the Patriots run their offense their passing game is an extension of their running game therefore they should opt for defense by picking Beal instead of Ingram.

    The Pats need to find the Richard Seymour-type player they oddly let go to the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots were very old on defense and it showed last season. Now that they’ve rewarded Vince Wilfork with a big contract the acquisition of Beal would them a great player while they get younger in the process.

9. With the ninth pick of the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select wide receiver Terrance Toliver of LSU.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Toliver has a world of ability. Last season he accounted for 53 catches for 735 yards and three TD’s. Look for him to have a break out season statistically. Toliver can surely bolster the passing game and give quarterback Jake Delhomme another reliable target in Cleveland.

10. With the tenth pick of the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select defensive end Cameron Heyward of Ohio State.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Head coach Tony Sporano is a Bill Parcells disciple who largely is a three-yards-and-a-cloud–of-dust type team mixed in with some “wildcat” plays. That will change some with the acquisition of embattled wide-out Brandon Marshall.

    While the Dolphins love to run the ball the team is built around an aggressive defense. Heyward would be a great fit to step in fill the shoes of the departed Jason Taylor.

11. With the eleventh pick of the NFL draft the San Francisco 49ers select safety DeAndre McDaniel of Clemson.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    McDaniel would be nice pick for the defensive minded San Francisco 49ers. McDaniel played great last year. He was second in the nation with eight interceptions.

    If he plays the way he did last season he may even go a bit higher. A safety doesn’t typically go this high in the first round but this isn’t your typical safety. He’ll be a good fit with the 49ers without a doubt. If they don’t take him early someone else will.

12. With the 12th pick in the NFL draft the Denver Broncos selection

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    Class Standing: Junior

    Floyd was off to a great start last season before he broke his collarbone early in the 2009 season. He was averaging well over 20-yards per reception for the Irish.

    Look for Floyd to see a lot of balls this season. First year head coach Brian Kelly will get the ball to Floyd early and often. He’s tall, has great hands and runs well after the catch. This would be a great addition to the depleted wide receiver corps in Denver. He can possibly be a Brandon Marshall-like player but hopefully he’ll be less trouble for head coach Josh McDaniels to deal with than Marshall.

13. With the 13th pick in the NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Class Standing: Junior

    Surprised? Pryor started out the 2009 season on the wrong foot but quickly rebounded with a strong second half of the season. Pryor was the best player on the field when he led the Buckeyes to a Rose Bowl victory over the Oregon Ducks.

    Pryor has a big arm and he’s fleet of foot. The dual threat as a passer and runner could bode well for the Jaguars. David Garrard is the prohibitive starter but getting the likes of Pryor could pay big dividends if he’s selected here.

14. With the 14th pick of the NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Class standing: Senior

    Bailey is big, strong and athletic. The Bucs could use a Warren Sapp-like presence on the line. Head coach Raheem Morris’ team struggled last year but ended strong. He’s a young coach with a young team and he likes defense. Adding a player like Bailey can give the Bucs a young athletic presence on the line.

15. With the 15th pick of the NFL draft the New York Giants select

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Yes, Carter went to North Carolina like another great linebacker Lawrence Taylor but don’t expect another LT. But what you can expect is a big strong player at 6ft 3 inches who flies all over the field. Bottom line: He makes plays and that’s what the Giants need is a playmaker on defense.

16. With the 16th pick in the NFL draft the Tennessee Titans select

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    Class Standing: Junior

    In 2008 Bowers was ranked No. 1 by espn.com as the top high school prospect in the country. He had a very good season last year. If he does well this season some like Russ Lande of the Sporting News may think he can go No. 1 in the 2011 draft. I don’t think so but you never know. Stay tuned.

17. With the seventeenth pick of the NFL draft Carolina Panthers select center Kristopher O’Dowd of USC.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Even though USC has been in the news for more than football following the Reggie Bush fiasco it shouldn’t stop the Panthers from selecting O’Dowd with this pick. He’s been a starter ever since his freshman year. The Panthers love to run the football so he’ll be a great addition to John Fox’s offensive line.

18. With the eighteenth pick of the NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select offensive tackle Marcus Cannon of TCU.

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    Class standing: Senior

    Cannon is big, strong and athletic. The Falcons love to run the ball so Cannon should be a welcomed addition to block for a slimmer Michael Turner at some point.

    At 6ft 5 inches and 350 pounds he appears to be better suited to play right tackle but with his athletic ability he can play anywhere along the line except center.

19. With the nineteenth pick of the NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select running back Noel Devine of West Virginia.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    The Steelers need to go back to the days of old and run the football. While Devine isn’t a power runner he is fleet of foot and would be a good change of pace back.

    Rahsard Mendenhall needs someone that can spell him from time to time. If Devine plays well who knows? You can never have too many solid running backs in the NFL. Devine can prove to be one of those backs.

20. With the twentieth pick of the NFL draft the Houston Texans select wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin of Pittsburgh.

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    Class Standing: Junior

    Baldwin is a big receiver at 6ft 5 inches and 225 pounds. If the junior wide receiver decides to come out early he’ll surely land in the first round.

    Depending on what underclassmen declare for the draft early will ultimately dictate where he’ll land in the draft. Rest assured if Baldwin improves upon his 57 catch 1111 yard and 8 touchdown season from last year he’ll surely be taken in the first round.

21. With the twenty-first pick of the NFL draft the San Diego Chargers select Dion Lewis from the University of Pittsburgh.

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    As a true freshman last season Lewis rushed for an eye-popping 1799 yards and 17 touchdowns. He’ll have the Heisman hype around him and rightfully so: Based on how he performed last season he deserves it.

    Whether Lewis seriously contends for the Heisman or not the Chargers need someone to supplant the now departed LaDainian Tomlinson. Darren Sproles, while explosive, isn’t an every down back. He’s more of a specialist.

    If Lewis has the type of year he had last year look for him to seriously consider jumping to the NFL and if he does the Chargers should take him.

22. With the twenty-second pick of the NFL draft the New England Patriots select tight end Luke Stocker of Tennessee.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    The Pats will likely go with defense with their fist pick now they’ll go with offense. While they rarely use a tight end in their offense Stocker can be a good player to diversify the New England offense. Tight ends rarely catch a ton of balls in their offense but because of his size and hands he can be a good blocker who can catch some important balls from Quarterback Tom Brady.

23. With the twenty-third pick of the NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals select cornerback Rahim Moore of UCLA.

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    Class standing: Senior

    Moore led the nation in interceptions last season with 10. While the Bengals are an offensive oriented team led by the strong-armed Carson Palmer and the running of Cedric Benson they have a solid young strong defense.

    Moore is big and athletic. He’s a ball-hawk. He has the ability to be a shut-down corner with his size, speed and hands.

24. With the twenty-fourth pick of NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo of Boston College.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    With emergence of quarterback of Aaron Rodgers and the running of Ryan Grant the Packers can’t go wrong in selecting Castonzo. He gets the offensive line younger and could compete for a starting position right away if he performs well.

    Castonzo, at 6ft 7 inches was a starter as a freshman. That’s the first time that’s happened in the last decade so he can play. Look for him to continue to play extremely well at the next level.

25. With the twenty-fifth pick of the NFL draft the Baltimore Ravens select linebacker Chris Galippo of USC.

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    Class standing: Junior

    Let’s face it. The Ravens are known for the defense. They’ve had one of the best defenses in the NFL over the last decade. That means Ray Lewis is getting older. At age 35 at some point he’ll begin to slow down. Galippo can be a nice pick in order to plan for the eventual demise of the likes of Ray Lewis.

26. With the twenty-sixth pick of the NFL draft the Philadelphia Eagles select defensive end Robert Quinn of North Carolina.

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    Class standing: Junior

    The Eagles are all about defense. They need a strong defense to compensate for a questionable offense. The face of the franchise is gone in Donovan McNabb. Kevin Kolb will take his place but is he a true upgrade?

    While questions abound on offense they can still get better in defense in the draft. Quinn has speed and athleticism. Without question he can surely bolster the front line of the Eagles defense. Last season he had 19 TFL’s (tackles for lost yardage) and posted 11 sacks.

27. With the twenty-seventh pick of the NFL draft the New York Jets select defensive end Greg Romeus of Pittsburgh.

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    Class standing: Senior

    Romeus would be a great fit for the Jets. They had the strongest defense in the NFL last season. At 6ft 6 inches and 270 pounds Romeus is extremely quick. He’s a consistent player and showed flashes of greatness last season. Head coach Rex Ryan should welcome this talent with open arms.

    Big ups to Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt. He can possibly send three of his players in the first-round depending on whether Dion Lewis has another big year and comes out early.

28. With the twenty-eighth pick of the NFL draft the Minnesota Vikings select linebacker Quan Sturdivant of North Carolina.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Sturdivant could be a welcomed addition to the Vikings swarming defense. He has enough ability to challenge for a starting position right out the gate. With his size and speed he can play both inside and outside linebacker.

29. With the twenty-ninth pick of the NFL draft the New Orleans Saints select defensive end Christian Anthony of Grambling.

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    Class standing: Senior

    Ballard is a project player that can increase his stock with a strong season. He has good speed, can play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 and has good athletic ability. If Ballard gets more upper-body strength make way for a potential star.

30. With the thirtieth pick of the NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select defensive tackle Marvin Austin of North Carolina.

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    Class standing: Senior

    The Cowboys are currently very young on defense. Austin would be a nice fit with the Cowboys because of his size and speed. He had great football skills but what makes Austin special is his athletic ability. Just the type of players the Cowboys like at the defensive tackle position.

31. With the thirty-first pick of the NFL draft the Indianapolis Colts select offensive tackle Gabe Carimi of Wisconsin.

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    Class Standing: Senior

    Carimi is huge at 6ft 7 inches while weighing 325 pounds. He’s very quick for his size and blocks extremely well.

    The Colts protect Peyton Manning very well but their offensive line is getting up in age. This would be a great pick for the Colts to bolster their depth for future of protecting the soon-to-be highest paid player in the NFL in Peyton Manning.

32. With the thirty-second pick of the NFL draft the Arizona Cardinals select linebacker Greg Jones of Michigan State.

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    Class standing: Senior

    Jones is a bit small for a linebacker at 6ft 1 while weighing 228 but he’s cat-quick with tremendous closing speed. He’s always in position to make plays and he’s very durable. Jones recorded 154 tackles along with 9 sacks last season. He can surely bolster Arizona’s defense and could contribute right away.

    This is my take on the next NFL draft.

    What’s yours?