Predicting The 2010 Nebraska Season Outcome

Caleb R.Contributor IAugust 4, 2010

When this schedule was released, every Husker fan everywhere sighed. Washington and Idaho were both on the bottom of Division 1. Western Kentucky was just making the jump from FCS to FBS. And South Dakota State was just moving from Division 2 to FCS. Now Washington has arguably the best quarterback in the NCAA and a good defense. Idaho is a dark-horse underrated team. And South Dakota State is one of the preseason Top 10 FCS teams. And, as for Western Kentucky - well... This year's schedule is actually probably tougher than last year's...Now, this season for Nebraska will obviously, without a doubt, be a big one for Nebraska. The schedule doesn't look too hard in the beginning but is highly underrated.

  • Vs. Western Kentucky - W 70-0. There is nothing to worry about when playing the worst team in D1 history (longest losing streak). This should be one of, if not, the easiest games of the year. Threat Level: Non-Existent
  • Vs. Idaho - W 42-0. This is an underrated game that we should focus on, with a veteran quarterback and receivers Idaho will be a tougher game than expected. But we still win. Threat Level: Yellow
  • @. Washington - W 28-10. Washington will be the toughest preseason threat. But our defense should be able to handle the "Magnificent" Jake Locker easily. If Bo is right about our defense being "better than last year's"...And he usually is. Threat Level: Yellow/Orange
  • Vs. South Dakota State - W 67-0. FCS? What can I say? More importantly, what need I say? Easy victory for the Huskers. Threat Level: Green
  • @. Kansas State - W 21-6. K-State reminds me a lot of Washington. An average team. Bubble for a bowl game (although Washington probably has a better chance at making a bowl game). Kansas State should be an easy one for us. Threat Level: Yellow
  • Vs. Texas - W 10-7. Yes, I predicted a win. A close one. Toughest game of the year for us. But I truly believe with our offense obviously being better and Garrett Gilbert leading the Texas offense that we can win this one...Texas' one touchdown comes from a Zac Lee interception to Blake Gideon for a touchdown. Ours comes from Jared Crick recovering a fumble on the goaline and Roy Helu running it in for a one-yard touchdown. Threat Level: Off The Charts
  • @. Oklahoma State - W 31-10. Oklahoma State is either going to be way overrated this year or way underrated. I'm obviously picking the overrated choice here. Mostly because I don't believe it for a second that Brandon Weeden can lead an otherwise average team past the best defense in the Big XII. Threat Level: Orange
  • Vs. Missouri - W 24-9. Blaine Gabbert is good. Probably the best QB in the Big XII. But Nebraska's defense is better. Way better. If Gabbert's line doesn't hold up he will literally be eaten alive back there in the pocket. Plus we really need to leave the Big XII with the Missouri-Nebraska Bell. Threat Level: Yellow
  • @. Iowa State - W 58-3. One that we absolutely HAVE to leave with a victory against. We CANNOT, under any circumstances, go out with two consecutive losses against Iowa State. I will give it a yellow, though, since it's in Ames and they're going to want this one. Threat Level: Yellow
  • Vs. Kansas - W 37-10. Turner Gill comes to Kansas (which we can root for him, by the way) missing quarterbacks and receivers. And defense. Kale Pick leads the offense. Seriously, who wants a quarterback named Pick? Come on Kansas. Nebraska wins easy. Threat Level: Yellow
  • @. Texas A&M - W 21-20. Texas A&M will show just how far we've come. If we beat them we are a BCS school again. If not then we're still a sub-BCS school with some work to do. Threat Level: Orange/Red
  • Vs. Colorado - W 28-0. First, please let me take the time to say something. Colorado is just pathetic. Their quarterback is benched by his own dad for a lateral move. Various off the field issues with players. My God, what can I say? Nebeaska wins. Threat Level: Neutralized
  • Big XII Championship Game: Vs. Oklahoma - L 23-24. This is just a prediction. It's too close to call but I don't think we win it. Sorry, guys. Threat Level: Red
  • Orange Bowl: Vs. Virginia Tech - W 27-20. Nebraska wins with difficulty. We still win. We felt angry. Vengeful, almost. We came out on top and won this game. Taught VT a lesson. And walked away. Threat Level: Orange