College Football: 10 Best College Football Feuds

Rick PowellContributor IAugust 3, 2010

College Football: 10 Best College Football Feuds

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    Rivalries are an unspoken understanding that both teams are playing for pride.

    A feud is what happens when that rivalry is no longer unspoken.

    College football has had its fair share of feuds break out in the last couple of years, and has even started taking measures to prevent some of these breakouts from occurring.

    When Oregon played Boise State for the college football opener in 2009 players shook hands before the start of the game.

    Oregon running back LaGarrette Blunt threw punches after.

    Here's a look at some of the best recent feuds in college football and a ruling on who was more in the wrong.

University of Southern California vs. Jim Harbaugh

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    Scene of the crime: The Coliseum, Los Angeles, California

    Evidence: The Stanford Cardinal were up 48-21 during the fourth quarter, when Coach Jim Harbaugh decided to go for a two point conversion in an attempt to make it a five-score lead. Stanford eventually won the game 55-21.

    Coach Harbaugh and former USC Coach Pete Carroll had engaged in several sparing matches via the media leading up to this eventual incident, further adding to the feud.

    Ruling: After careful consideration, and the absence of Coach Carroll, I rule in favor of Jim Harbaugh.

    Sentence: I sentence USC to three years probation and the loss of 30 scholarships and strongly urge for the relocation of Coach Harbaugh.

West Virginia University vs. Rich Rodriguez

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    Scene of the crime: West Virginia University

    Evidence: Coach Rich Rodriguez took over a West Virginia team that struggled to a 3-8 finish in 2002, but turned the team around in 2003 with a 9-4 record.

    Coach Rodriguez eventually led the Mountaineers five straight Bowl games and three Big East championships.

    Just four months after renegotiating his contract, Coach Rodriguez resigned to take over the head coaching job at Michigan.

    Initially, Coach Rodriguez agreed to stay on until after the Fiesta Bowl, but eventually resigned prior to that game.

    West Virginia and Coach Rodriguez were locked in arbitration over breach of contract issues and eventually settled.

    Recently, the NCAA has began to look into coaching violations that may have occurred while Rodriguez was at West Virginia.

    Ruling: Due to the overwhelming evidence against him, I rule in favor of West Virgina University.

    Sentence: I sentence Coach Rodriguez to three years of living in squalor at Michigan followed by a visit to the unemployment line.

Arizona State University vs. Mike Stoops

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    Scene of the crime: Tucson, Arizona

    Evidence: The Arizona Wildcats had high hopes for their 2006 season, but after posting a 6-6 record and not making it to a Bowl game for the 8th straight year, several highly recruited players de-committed from the program, and subsequently committed to Arizona State.

    "Each school has to recruit to that school and what type of academic requirements there are," Stoops said. "Obviously, Arizona State has turned into a J.C. and we are a four-year college. According to all the players, they say it is easier to go to school there, easier to get in. I thought we had the same requirements. It is news to me."

    Stoops' comments added fuel to the fire of the brewing rivalry.

    Coach Stoops replaced his de-committed players with players that eventually became starters on the team and the players that were taken from U of A have yet to make an impact at Arizona State, with one not qualifying for college.

    Ruling: Due to the fact that Arizona beat Arizona State in 2008 and 2009 after the comments and Coach Stoops apologized, I rule in favor of Coach Stoops.

    Sentence: I sentence ASU to a lack of fan support and the eventual removal of coach Dennis Erickson.

University of Nebraska vs. 0:01

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    Scene of the crime: Big 12 Championship Game, Cowboys Stadium

    Evidence: Nebraska was leading 12-10 in the fourth quarter when Texas quarterback Colt McCoy threw the ball towards the sideline as the clock was winding down.

    Nebraska players thought that time had expired and rushed the field.

    The officials reviewed the play and concluded that there was still 0:01 seconds left on the play clock.

    Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence kicked a perfect 46-yard field goal as time expired to give the Longhorns a 13-12 victory.

    Ruling: After my own personal review, I rule in favor of 0:01 being left on the clock.

    Sentence: I sentence Nebraska to leave the Big 12 after one final rematch with Texas, which I will personally attend.

Texas Tech University vs. Mike Leach

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    Scene of the crime: Lubbock, Texas

    Evidence: Coach Leach was fired from the university amid allegations that he abused a player who had a concussion by putting him in a dark room.

    Coach Leach was due to receive an $800,000 bonus at the end of the season and suspected that was the real reason of his firing.

    A lawsuit was eventually filed and Texas Tech recently appealed a judges decision to allow the lawsuit to be filed.

    Ruling: I rule in favor of Texas Tech due to the outlandish statements Mike Leach released about the player in question and his lack of remorse.

    Sentence: I sentence Mike Leach to four years hard labor at Arizona State University, followed by another stay in the unemployment line.

Urban Meyer vs. Mark Richt

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    Scene of the crime: Jacksonville, World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

    Evidence: Desperate for some enthusiasm from his players, Georgia coach Mark Richt instructed his players to celebrate their first touchdown by doing the Gator Stomp.

    After their first score the entire Bulldog sideline cleared to participate in the illegal celebration and eventually won the game 42-30.

    Urban Meyer published a book in the offseason and vowed to get revenge on Richt.

    When Meyer got his chance the following season, the Florida Gators put on a 49-10 route and Meyer called two timeouts in the final seconds to let the score resonate.

    Ruling: Coach Richt has publicly apologized and stated that him and Urban Meyer have a mutual respect, so I rule in his favor.

    Sentence: I sentence Urban Meyer to a night hanging out with Lane Kiffin in Los Angeles.

Urban Meyer vs. Lane Kiffin

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    Scene of the crime: Introductory Press Conference, University of Tennessee

    Evidence: "I look forward to singing 'Rocky Top' all night long after we beat Florida next year," said coach Lane Kiffin.

    Kiffin started his short tenure at the University of Tennessee with shots against Urban Meyer and Florida.

    Kiffin later went on to mistakenly say that Urban Meyer had cheated when it came to contacting a recruit that eventually committed to Tennessee.

    Those comments were just two of many back and forth jabs leading up to an anticipated match-up between the Gators and Volunteers.

    Florida won the game 23-13, and shortly after Meyer accused Kiffin of playing to avoid a lopsided defeat and claimed his Florida players were slowed by the flu.

    Kiffin's rebuttal: "I guess we'll wait and after we're not excited about a performance, we'll tell you everybody was sick."

    Ruling: After careful consideration, I rule in favor of Urban Meyer, citing his previous good behavior in the Mark Richt case.

    Sentence: I sentence Lane Kiffin to return to California and run to Trojans while they are dealing with NCAA sanctions before attempting to leave for the NFL again.

Louisiana State University vs. Nick Saban

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    Scene of the crime: Louisiana State University

    Evidence: Nick Saban took over the head coaching job at LSU in 1999 and led the Tigers to a BCS National Championship in 2003.

    Saban left LSU for a coaching job in the NFL at the end of 2004.

    After two unsuccessful years with the Miami Dolphins, Saban returned to college football, but not to LSU.

    Saban instead took a job with SEC rival Alabama and subsequently led them to a National Championship in 2009 while LSU is still trying to return to the dominance they knew under Saban.

    Ruling: I rule in favor of Nick Saban because he won a National Championship at Alabama, proving he's worth all the cash.

    Sentence: I sentence LSU fans to watch as Nick Saban wins several National Championships at Alabama.

University of California Los Angeles vs. Pete Carroll

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    Scene of the crime: USC vs UCLA rivalry game

    Evidence: With a convincing 21-7 lead, the Trojans took over the football after a turnover on downs.

    With the game firmly decided, USC lined up in a victory formation to kneel the ball and let time expire.

    Coach Rick Neuheisel, however, called a timeout after the knee was taken.

    USC proceeded to run out a legitimate offensive formation and throw a 48-yard touchdown pass to go ahead 28-7.

    Ruling: I rule in favor of Pete Carrol. A victory formation is just that. Any timeouts called are unnecessary.

    Sentence: I sentence UCLA to continue having to deal with the mediocrity of Rick Neuheisel and his inability to beat USC.

The State of Tennessee vs. Lane Kiffin

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    Scene of the crime: Multiple occurrences in the state of Tennessee

    Evidence: Lane Kiffin took over the coaching job at Tennessee with promises of being returned to national prominence.

    Coach Kiffin left the program after one average season to take the same position at the University of Southern California.

    Coach Kiffin proceeded to take most of his staff with him, and just weeks away from Signing Day, allowed assistant coach Ed Orgeron to talk to Tennessee recruits, some of which were already enrolled, and convince them to come to California with him.

    Tennessee fans were outraged and resorted to acts of civil disobedience, damning the name of Coach Kiffin.

    Kiffin added to the feud with the recent hiring of former Tennessee Titans assistant coach Kennedy Pola, which led to a lawsuit being filed by the NFL team.

    Ruling: I rule in favor of the state of Tennessee. I fail to see how one man can make so many angry, but your outpouring of hatred towards this man has me fearing for my own safety should I rule any other way.

    Sentence: I sentence Lane Kiffin to professional death. May God and the Tennessee faithful have mercy on your soul.