Texas A&M to Jump to SEC If Promise Not Kept?

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJuly 31, 2010

Just when you thought expansion talk was over, it starts up again.

When it seemed the Big 12 had survived, teams jumped ship into other conferences.

When Colorado and Nebraska had left and rumors of six Big 12 teams leaving for the Pac 10, the SEC popped out of nowhere and was trying to convince Oklahoma and Texas A&M to join the SEC.

A death for the Big 12 seemed unavoidable but, at the last second, Bebe "saved" the Big 12 from death. 

Now rumors are swirling that if the Big 12 does not pay Texas A&M $20 million, they will leave for the SEC.

A high-ranking A&M official said Wednesday that the every legal avenue would be explored first, including A&M bolting to the SEC.

Another high-ranking official said "It was not a concern how the Big 12 got its money but, that they need to live up to their promise."

At the start of the summer, it was a question of whether the Big 12 will die or not. Now it seems to be a question of when will it die.

Texas A&M will join the SEC soon, you can count on that.

The only questions are when and who will follow. 

Here are a few reasons why A&M might join the SEC if the Big 12 does not pay up.

  • Texas A&M is strapped for cash and the SEC offers way more money than the Big 12.
  • Many A&M fans, alumni, and officials want to join the SEC. 
  • A&M seems to have more rivals in the SEC West than Big 12 South.
  • A&M will get more TV exposure than if it stays in the Big 12.
  • They will be more competitive in other sports.
  • The SEC and fans would love A&M to come.
  • Texas A&M joining might bring Oklahoma into the mix again.