BCS-PARTY: Why MSU Will Win The National Championship in 2010

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BCS-PARTY: Why MSU Will Win The National Championship in 2010
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With Izzo getting all the love, it's time that Sparty nation recognizes the true fact: That MSU will win the national championship in 2010. Here's why

#1 - Sparty green is the same colour as the enviromental movement - Environmentalism is everywhere --like Notre Dame fans and just as obnoxious -- and with MSU sporting a very nice green, the new religion's lobbyists from around the nation will be pushing the polls to make the Spartans number one after they...

#2 - Win the Big Ten - This one is a given. A ton of seniors coming back and a coach who learned from the giant whale poop that was last year; this team is ready to destroy the rest of the Big Ten. And D'Antonio knows that winning it will be relatively easy because...

#3 - Ohio State will be winless into November - They won't win a thing. And nothing the sweatervest does will change that. Which is a shame because...

#4 - Michigan is even worse than last year - I was hoping they'd be the bottom of the conference. The way things have gone for RichRod's team seems to make one think that would be the case. But no, the Buckeyes will hold that honor, much to the chagrin of the higher-ups because...

#5 - The Big Ten Network needs the ratings - An MSU-Boise State national championship is just the thing to have the BTN grabbing the massive cut they'd get the next year afterwards when everyone and their dog forgets about the SEC and realizes that the best league in the country is the Big Ten.

These reasons and many more --Iowa can't pass, Florida lost its entire team in Tebow and Alabama can only win so many times -- show that MSU is poised to take the nation

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