Andrew McClain:The Best Linebacker You Need To Hear of Now

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

You see that tattoo on Andrew McClain's left arm (your right)? It says: Respect. While the name Andrew McClain may not jump to you right away, give this kid some respect, pay attention to his game and pretty soon you'll be jumping to the TV to hear his name.

McClain is a 6'1" 240 lb LB/FB who's going to begin his college career at St. Ambrose University, located in Iowa. St. Ambrose isn't just some school, it's one of the best smaller football schools, and Andrew's plan is to play there for two years then head to the University of Iowa and play for the Hawkeyes.

What could be better? He has a plan, and if he stays on top of his aggressive playing style he'll not only make us watch TV but he'll scare offensive players and give coaches headaches. 

McClain is very good at playing linebacker and plays to a downhill style of hitting, sinking his hips into every hit and using both arms to lift, more importantly carry defenders back when he delivers the punishing tackle. The punishing tackles? McClain makes sure that the ball carrier feels it the next morning, as like every great linebacker he loves to inflict pain.

Of course the stuff that you wouldn't hear about is that while he might be a physical player on the field, he's a very soft and caring person off it. Andrew states his family as his drive to be a great player and a great man.  He's a perfectionist, always working, but more importantly always working hard, and work is his drug.

Of course when it comes to life that's the only positive drug out there: hard working. While McClain is a physical football player he enjoys bringing smiles to faces as well. He's always cracking jokes during parties and whenever there's that little kid wanting to be the next great player, McClain steps up as a man and gives them the best tips he has.

Respect a perfectionist and respect him now because you're hearing of him now, no need to wait until he hits it big because he will hit it big. Andrew McClain's story is filled with perfection, love, and happiness. Only happiness he won't bring is to opposing coaches when his tackles leave the opponents on the sideline.