Day Short of August: Evaluating Talent for the NFL Draft before the Suits

Pete DymeckAnalyst IJuly 30, 2008

We are just one day short of August, the year is 2008, and I have already become swamped with talent evaluations, scouting portfolios, and highlight reels.

Don't forget, I am still trying to catch up on some Spring Prospectus' from schools that I haven't read yet. Did I mention prior that the highlight reels I have display no negative plays or actions by the prospects involved? That makes things much more worse.

I watched one video of Florida Gators' junior wide receiver Percy Harvin, and it was unbelievable. It was unbelievable because I just watched a three-minute clip on nothing but end-around's.

After that, I proceeded to watch a video of Florida Gators' less-than sensational quarterback prospect Tim Tebow. I see him throwing touchdown after touchdown, while scrambling around or holding steadfast in the pocket, but his mechanics change on each passing attempt.

Disclaimer: By "less-than sensational," I am describing Tim Tebow the NFL prospect, not Tim Tebow the college quarterback. He is an outstanding college quarterback, much like Andre Ware was, but he is a terrible pro prospect. Gators fans, just own up to it.

While we are just three months or so removed from the 2008 NFL Draft, where former Michigan Wolverine offensive tackle Jake Long was selected first overall, draftniks like myself, are prepping for a run at glory once again, evaluating talent for the 2009 NFL Draft.

While I personally may like Ball State tight end Darius Hill more than Missouri tight end Chase Coffman, others will disagree. Truthfully, I am astonished with how far under the radar Penn State linebacker Tyrell Sales has flown, while scouts from other places prop up linebackers like Pittsburgh's Scott McKillop or California's Worrell Williams.

But for people like me, nobodies with day jobs who scour the meat market looking for the next big-time player, we must jump in on all of the action before the "suits" at major media marketplaces feast on all of the hardwork that we have done.

This is a thankless business.

At Pro Draft Guide in April, we were getting 3,000 or more unique hits a day! Now, we are lucky if we get 300. We will not get back to thousands of hits a day until February or March.

Nobody but a few close friends and associates remember that we at Pro Draft Guide hit the nail on the head with former Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall and former Indiana Hoosier wideout James Hardy this time last year.

Naysayers have a short-term memory when it comes to remembering what we do get right. Instead, they want to focus on how we missed with former Maryland linebacker Erin Henderson and former Oklahoma State wide receiver Adarius Bowman.

While we refuse to focus on the negative attention, we continue to stride forward. If we did focus on the negative attention, the little time that we do have to scout, analyze, and project, would be wasted.

Instead, we keep trucking forward.