Three Drug Charges Against N.C. State Football Players Have Been Dropped

Allen LoppCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2010

Last April, four members of the NC State football team were arrested on misdemeanor drug charges after marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found in their off campus apartment.

Just announced recently ...three of those four players, Jake Vermiglio, Markus Kuhn, and J.R. Sweezy, will have their charges dropped after a judge ruled that the search was unlawful.

The Wolfpack nation just exhaled a huge sigh of relief, as all those players were going to be key to the success of the upcoming football season for the Wolfpack.

The fourth player, George Bryan, had his hearing postponed to a later date, but I suspect that he will have a similar outcome as the other three.

George Bryan was possibly the most important of all the players to the Wolfpack football team, as he is best tight end in the ACC and was named first team All-ACC last season.

He also was going to be a big part of the passing attack for Wolfpack, who are going to be dependent on their offense to win games for them this season.

The ruling by Judge Keith Gregory will cause controversy because many people, including myself, believe that the cops were right to investigate the smell and did nothing wrong.

On a side note former Wolfpack great Dennis Byrd died recently. He suffered from a heart attack and was recovering when he had an unrelated back surgery and never regained consciousness.

Byrd was the first two time All-American in NC State history, and he is the only defensive player to have his number retired.

The Wolfpack nation weeps with his passing, but will is thankful for what he did on the field.