Top Uncommitted QB Recruit Brett Hundley Down to UCLA and Washington

Michael PintoSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2010

Top Uncommitted QB Recruit Brett Hundley Down to UCLA and Washington

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    There are a lot of prospects out there who remain uncommitted, but when you look at the quarterback position, the number of elite players available has dwindled.

    Of the top 20 quarterbacks from the 2011 recruiting class, Brett Hundley, Scout's No. 5 QB, is the only one remaining who has not already committed to a program.

    Considering we're still a long way from National Signing Day and this year's batch of quarterback prospects is already on the thin side, that makes his decision all the more important for the two schools still in the running: Washington and UCLA.

    Earlier this month Hundley named them as his finalists and is expected to announce his official decision by the end of the summer.

    So which school offers him the most?

    Let's break down the situation and get a better understanding of the opportunities available to him.

2011's Top 25 Quarterbacks

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    1. Braxton Miller: Ohio State

    2. Christian LeMay: Georgia 

    3. Teddy Bridgewater: Miami

    4. Kiehl Frazier: Auburn

    5. Brett Hundley: Uncommitted

    6. Jeff Driskel: Florida

    7. J.W. Walsh: Oklahoma State

    8. Bubba Starling: Nebraska

    9. Jamal Turner: Nebraska 

    10. Cody Kessler: USC

    11. Evan Crower: Stanford

    12. Kendal Thompson: Oklahoma 

    13. David Ash: Texas

    14. Kyle Boehm: Cal

    15. Marquise Williams: North Carolina

    16. Max Wittek: USC

    17. Everett Golson: North Carolina 

    18. Jerrard Randall: Oregon 

    19. Patrick Coyne: Cincinnati 

    20. Justin Worley: Tennessee

    21. Kevin Hogan: Stanford

    22. DeMarcus Smith: Louisville

    23. Jacoby Brissett: Uncommitted 

    24. Cardale Jones: Uncommitted

    25. Michael Brewer: Texas Tech

    If you're UCLA or Washington and you look past Hundley at No. 5 and the next best name you see is Jacoby Brissett, a three-star prospect with limited upside, you better hope Hundley swings your way.

Potential Playing Time

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    Washington might seem like a bench-warming situation for Hundley at first glance considering the team has one of the best starting quarterbacks in the country in Jake Locker, but in reality the competition is wide open in 2011. 

    Locker is entering his senior season, and with the transfer of top reserve Ronnie Fouch, that leaves the Huskies with only redshirt freshman Keith Price and true freshman Nick Montana on the books for 2011.

    Price was a three-star prospect coming out of high school and has limited upside, and while Montana comes from serious quarterback bloodlines, Hundley should be able to beat both of them out in a quarterback competition. 

    At UCLA, the quarterback corral will be packed for a good portion of Hundley's stay. Starting quarterback Kevin Prince is only a sophomore, as are his top two reserves, Richard Brehaut and Nick Crissman. Prince should have a serious experience edge over the other quarterbacks by the time Hundley would arrive in 2011. 

    Add in the fact that both Brehaut and Crissman were themselves highly-rated passers coming out of high school, and it looks like Hundley wouldn't realistically see the field until 2013. 


    Edge: Washington

Offensive Scheme

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    They'll both put the quarterback under center, in the shotgun, let him do bootlegs, or scramble when needed to. Looking at either system, its clear that Hundley's skill set as a dual-threat passer would work regardless of where you put him. 

    But you don't need to look any further than Jake Locker to see how effective an athletic quarterback can be in Washington's offense. The Huskies have risen from 117th in scoring in 2008 to 69nd in 2009 behind his arm and legs. 

    Steve Sarkisian and his coaching staff have done a tremendous job maximizing the talents of their quarterback, but the same can't be said for Rick Neuheisel and the Bruins. They haven't managed to rank any higher than 94th in scoring for the last two seasons, and Prince was average at quarterback last season.

    Edge: Washington 

Surrounding Talent

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    When you look at Washington and UCLA's offenses, the first thing that should stand out to you is how young they are.

    Both programs' top running backs and receivers are entering their sophomore and junior seasons and have a lot of young up-and-comers just waiting for their chance to hit the field. That would give Hundley a ton of skill position talent to play with right from the get-go at either destination.

    The issue with Washington would be its offensive line, which has long been a weakness. The group should be better in 2010, but three starters are seniors, and there will be serious questions about the unit in 2011.

    At UCLA, the offensive line has also been an area of concern, but the unit has made progress over the last few weeks and should be down only one starter for 2011 with a good amount of talent waiting in the wings to pick up the slack over the following couple years.

    Edge: UCLA

2011 Recruiting Classes

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    UCLA has historically been one of the best recruiters in the country, having ranked in the top 10 each of the last two years. Things aren't looking so good for 2011 though, as the school as only six commitments to this point, and their class currently ranks 46th nationally. 

    Washington, on the other hand, has 14 commitments on the books and ranks 20th nationally at the moment. They don't have as much space to improve their ranking as UCLA does, but regardless they bring a well-rounded and solid group of talent to the table. 

    The Huskies' best catch, running back Brendon Bigelow, is one of the country's top talents and an excellent weapon in both the running and passing games. He and Hundley would complement each other splendidly. 

    Edge: Washington 

Overall Edge: Washington

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    The players are buying into his system and buying into his message, and it's becoming clear that this is a team on the rise. If Hundley chooses to commit to Washington, he'll be the front runner to start as a true freshman, will have plenty of talent to throw the ball too, and hopefully won't find his offensive line troubles to be as bad as some predict. 

    The offensive system suits his skill set perfectly, and the coaching staff has proven it can maximize the potential of a dual-threat passer. 

    Rick Neuheisel is a well-respected coach, but he hasn't been able to turn things around at UCLA in his three years on the job, and the offensive side of the ball has especially suffered. That, the Bruins' quarterback situation, and weak 2011 recruiting class combine to form a significant deterrent for Hundley. 

    Edge: Washington