Who's The PIMP NOW NCAA??????

Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IJuly 22, 2010

Take away the Heisman Trophy is what the media is screaming,Why? because a athlete wanted to better his life style for him and his family.Alabama's head coach Nick Saben called them pimps I call them investors just like on WALL STREET you see these people invest every day the same way the agents are investing in these future stars.The schools are asking these young men to go out and have their bodies pounded on week after week for what? So that the alumni and the schools AD,coaches,etc can get richer mean while the athletes body is deteriorating.They are blessed that agency are willing to invest the money that they do because as you see once the school has no use for you on the field they will turn their back on you.We all know what Reggie Bush did for USC and its football program and now they want to get rid of all his awards and accomplishments after he made that school a lot of money lets face it USC was once a power house but for the last decade they were fading out not since Keshaun Johnson has USC had a explosive player Yes, they have had some good players but none like the O.J.'S,MARCUS ALLEN'S have they had a player like Reggie Bush.The NCAA is just as much at fault as the so called pimps as Coach Saben stated in his press conference,if they would allow these athletes to speak to agents while they are still eligible to play then it would benefit all parties.All the players are doing is looking out for their future providing for his family,the school has their stud, their money maker, their cash cow and while they are in school since they are making money now just maybe the school can put them in a economic program to show them how to invest their money where it will work for them and they will have something to live off of when their career is over so when they do make it to the next level they will not be out here making bad choices with their money and will not have to depend on others counting their money that they worked hard for.The problem is the schools are greedy the NCAA is greedy they feel like the players should not make as much as the coaches or AD( Athletic Director) yet the athlete works just as hard.If you think about it the schools themselves are doing the same thing when they come to the house of their future star while they are still in high school.Have you ever notice when a college is recruiting a stud player and they get that player to commit how the senior year of said player he does not perform to the best of their abilities its because even though they can't pay money to the student because that is just frowned upon they do show them a good time during their visit to the campus and the surroundings they show them all the perks for coming to their school,once they commit they ask the teenager at the time to take it easy in the upcoming season so who is the PIMP now so after all that said do you still want the return of the 2005 Heisman Trophy????????????