Nick Saban: No 'Pimps' in Practice May Better College Football

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IJuly 22, 2010

It’s no secret that Alabama‘s Marcel Dareus has been suspended indefinitely for attending a party held by an agent in Miami.

It’s also no secret that he wasn’t the only one there, and in fact was accompanied by up to thirty or forty other players from various schools.

The reasons as to why he or any of the other’s were there has yet to be confirmed and the NCAA is “checking into it.” A fact that will have me sleeping better tonight, I’ll tell ya.

This news came shortly before Alabama head coach Nick Saban was set to go before the press and the fans for the 2010 SEC Media Days held in Hoover, Alabama.

Coach Saban decided to address the issue about the scouts and the agents today at the 2010 SEC Media Days going as far as to call these agents and scouts “pimps.”

While some seem to think that Coach Saban suddenly having a voice about this was very coincidental, there is a lot to be said about Coach Saban’s comments.  

Originally when the news broke about Dareus and his attendance at the party Coach Saban released a statement saying that the “University Of Alabama had people looking into it and that as a coach that had always been very courteous to the scouts and agents; that might have to change.”

He said the same thing in today’s press conference.

Now, while all of the blame should not go to these agents (because the players in question should have known better), what would the banning of scouts and agents at practice do to/for the Alabama players and other schools that might follow in Saban’s footsteps?

Many believe that it will hurt the player’s chances of being recruited by an NFL team because they won’t be able to see them play.

First, if a player is on the bench or cut from a team completely because of relations with a scout or agent then they aren’t really being allowed to see them play anyway are they?

Secondly, there is something the little people like to call “Game Day.” People go to this to watch the football players play football. Maybe the scouts and the agents should check this out.

How many amazing runs of a play are really seen in practice anyway? What film has been shown from practice that influenced a decision on someone making a team? If these players are practicing the right way, and doing what they should be doing, the scouts and agents should see that on the field.

With that being said, if the players know that the only place these scouts and agents will see them is on the field wouldn’t it stand to reason that the players would then play a little harder which would in turn make games just that much more interesting to watch?

Dareus is not the first to fall under an agent’s spell. Andre Smith was brought into an ordeal with a scout two years ago that ended in him being sent home from Louisiana before they went against the Utah Utes. Unfortunately, we all know how that turned out.

Could Coach Saban be enforcing something that would be beneficial to his players? And what if other schools were to follow his lead?

Just a few things to think about in my playbook. Let me know your plays (or opinions for those that didn’t follow).