How Does Florida Gator Maurkice Pouncey's Violation Affect Brother Mike?

Brad GoldbachCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2010

It appears former Florida Gators center Maurkice Pouncey left more than his senior season behind when he went pro after last season.

It is now reported that he took $100,000 from an agent between the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl, which could lead to the latter being vacated.

Hopefully, that is all the damage that is done by this indiscretion, but the NCAA seems to be on a war path lately after finally growing the balls to persecute USC.

Luckily, Florida found out and self-reported the infraction, which could lead to no more than a slap on the wrist for the school. Sugar Bowl be damned, as long as there are no future repercussions, Florida comes out of this looking alright.

So, what does this mean for the other thing (or guy) he left behind, his brother Mike?

Obviously, Maurkice would never intentionally hurt Mike, and obviously I’m not insinuating that Mike has done anything wrong, but the new-found war eagle eyes of the NCAA may lock onto Mike and watch his every move this season regardless.

The NCAA might find it pretty hard to believe that Mike didn’t know any of this went on as well, so an interrogative grilling might be in the works.

Hopefully, it won’t dig up any more dirt on the program, which is already suffering an image problem for its laundry list of arrests.

But you have to wonder if any of these things will take Mike’s focus off football at a very inopportune time, with the season just around the corner. It all depends on how the NCAA approaches this situation and if anything is turned up.

A smart and intensely focused player, Mike probably won’t let this affect him, especially with so much on the line this season, but this sort of thing just makes you wonder what might happen next.

Hopefully, Maurkice’s rare misplay didn't do something that he rarely did at Florida: Leave one of his teammates unprotected.