109,901 In The Big House: What It Means For Michigan Football

Justin NormanCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

The University of Michigan finally finished the construction on Michigan Stadium, adding suites parallel to both sidelines. The finished construction means that the capacity is now 109,901, making the Big House the biggest stadium in the country once again.

In addition to the increased capacity, the Big House is expected to be thirty percent louder, due to the positioning of the suites, and the slight enclosure of the open-aired stadium, according to Michigan's AD Dave Brandon.

Aside from the obvious revenue boost that the completion of the stadium gives the Michigan football program, we can expect that the new set up should provide the team with a tactical advantage on game day.

The 12th man is a dangerous weapon throughout college football. Rowdy crowds filled with college students and college football die-hards gives the home team a tremendous advantage.

In the recent years, the struggles of the Michigan team have mitigated their home field advantage. At times, students would choose not to go to games due to the poor play of the football team. Plus, the smaller capacity due to construction stifled the crowd even further.

As Michigan football hopes to put themselves back on the map, the completion of construction of Michigan Stadium could not have come at a better time.

Despite all of the negatives surrounding the program and its coach, Rich Rodriguez, there are bright spots.

Michigan continues to recruit well; they have an exciting out-of-conference schedule, headlined by the University of Connecticut, who plays in the stadium's opener in 2010. The Big Ten is back on the map with the addition of University of Nebraska beginning in 2011. Their stadium is now bigger and louder, and the team and fans can only hope that the crowd on football games becomes the tough crowd of years past.

109,901 is a huge number. While it's only two thousand more than the capacity of previous years, the finished stadium hopes to be one of the many bright spots of the immediate future for Michigan.

Newer home. New life. New winning ways? The Wolverines can only hope.