College Football: My Solution for the Best Football Conference Debate.

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

You can tell football season is in the air due to all the debates and arguments going on. Debates that pertain to matter within a conference as well as between conferences.

Debates such as: Can Ohio State make it to the National Title game for the third year in a row and actually win? Can Georgia prove that it should have gone to the National Title game over LSU? Will an ACC team make a run for the title? Maybe PAC-10? Will another non-BCS conference team win an at-large bid to a BCS bowl game?

These are debates that we usually have answered at the end of the season. However, there are some debates that continue even after the final game has been played and the NBA or MLB are in season.

"Which conference is the best? Is the SEC, ACC, PAC-10, etc. the best conference in the nation?"

These questions cannot be fully answered without a bit of bias from the person trying to answer. I, myself, have grown up in the south and always thought the SEC to be the best conference. Why? Not because of some stats or historical facts...but because of how I was raised.

My parents were die hard SEC fans. I grew up around friends who cheered for SEC teams. The same can be said for people who cheer for the ACC, PAC-10, or whichever conference they cheer for. It may be due to upbringing, Alma mater, or just because of who the coach is.

Now, I am at college and cheer for a team in what many, if not almost all, football fans consider to be an inferior conference....the Sun Belt Conference. But...I can say that over the past years, the Sun Belt has shown some fight in it...with major wins over BCS conference teams (Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma State) and has shown dominance in the New Orleans Bowl.

I have a solution for the dilemma of which conference is the best.

At the end of the season, players from conference teams are named to an all-conference team. Though these teams do not actually exist, this is to show who is the best player in their respectable position in that conference. I know there is an All-American team as well, but that doesn't really do much.

What if these All-Conference teams were real? What if players from the SEC actually came together and played on an All-SEC team? The same for the ACC, Big Ten, etc?

What if we actually had All-Conference teams play one another? There would be no bias because the players would be the best players in each conference playing other players who were the best in their conference? And the team that wins out is the best conference for the remainder of the year until the next season comes around.