More Trouble With The Vols: Here We Go Again

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIJuly 9, 2010

Good grief! Is it something in the Knoxville water that makes Vols go crazy?

I am not judging, but I think most fans are incredibly frustrated by the recent events surrounding the accusations involving Da Rick Rogers and Darren Myles. Did they do what the police say they did? I don’t know; that’s for the courts to decide.

What I do know is they shouldn’t have been at a bar in the first place. They should have been in their dorm rooms or apartments exhausted from studying their playbooks.

From what I understood, coach Dooley dropped the hammer on them (the team) after spring practice telling them that there wasn’t going to be any b.s. trouble with the police. They have clearly forgotten or they wouldn’t have been where they were.

I know they aren’t angels; testosterone flooding their senses, add one beer, and you have an instant idiot. Anyone that remembers being a young man at that time would undoubtedly agree, and endow some sympathy.

  BUT, if they are in fact guilty of the damage they inflicted (INCLUDING ASSAULTING A POLICE OFFICER), then we should thank them for their interest in the University of Tennessee and give them plane tickets. And, if they aren’t, then they should be suspended from team activities for the rest of the season for being in a bar, period.

Yep, Coach. If it does come to light, an example needs to be set now. Tennessee athletics shouldn't have a place for this type of behavior.

It doesn’t matter if they are a 5 star or a 1 star athlete, if they continue to participate in team activities and a blind eye is turned, then Mike Hamilton has no excuse for anything anymore at anytime, and Coach Dooley should ask his dad about the newly vacated position at UGA.

It really is a simple matter; have we learned nothing from last year’s fiasco?