Tennessee Volunteers Punished by Lane Kiffin, Own Players and Lady Luck

Jill HolcombContributor IJuly 9, 2010

Hello, long time no see, bleacherreport.com

I have missed you. 

I have been very busy lately so my writing has become non-existent for quite a while, but rest assured my passion for college football (GO GATORS!) has never died down.  

So usually it would bring me great delight to write about the downfall or disaster of another team, particularly another SEC team, but this time not so much. 

It seems to me that the poor Tennessee Volunteers cannot catch a break. Am I the only one noticing this!?

First, they get poor old piece of crap Lane Kiffin stepping to the plate and spewing blasphemous and ridiculous comments and accusations.

He then produces a fairly decent season, only to bail to a disaster-zone of a program at USC! (FAIRWELL DOUCHEBAG!!! THE SEC WILL NOT MISS YOU!)

Next, moronic freshmen Janzen Jackson and Nu'keese Richardson decide to make a stupid move and try and "rob" someone.

Things start to look up by hiring Derek Dooley as their head coach, son of SEC genius Vince Dooley, and receiving some pretty good recruits and then...


One of the Volunteers most prized recruits of the season, Da'rick Rogers, whose hometown is where I live (WE ARE VERY DISAPPOINTED, BTW!) and upcoming sophomore Darren Myles Jr. decide that six guys vs. one is a fair fight and pummel (or so it has been said) this guy.

The fight was taken outside and the cops were called. 

The distinguished Vols players and company were said to have attacked the cop, by hitting him in the head, knocking him to the ground, and leaving him unconscious.

The report stated, "suspects kicked the officer several times before fleeing the scene."

Poor Tennessee Volunteers.

I never have sympathy for them, but after taking so many beatings (no pun intended) and having such bad fortune you would think that "Lady Luck" would smile upon them for just a little while. 

I am curious to see what the fresh-from-Louisiana head coach thinks about these Vols' southern charm and grace they preformed at a bar that gives Vols' players VIP treatment and is on first name basis with players and faculty?

This is your time Dooley.

Vol Nation will be looking to you now. I hope that the Vols luck changes.

Beating them when they're down is no fun (AGAIN, no pun intended!!!...ok maybe just a little that time).