USC Spinning Out of Control: Dillon Baxter Lied!

Derek SmithCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

I guess no one would believe me if I said I knew Dillon Baxter made this story up as soon as it became known. 

About one month ago USC RB Dillon Baxter informed a compliance officer that he had been illegally contacted by Alabama, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Fresno State, following the NCAA's ruling on USC.

I knew this story had to be made up because Alabama is so deep at RB that Baxter would probably never see playing time. Alabama has no need for him.

So we now discover that he was indeed lying. 

This of course is not what USC officials are saying, but it has been confirmed that three of the five schools, including Alabama, have received letters of apology from Southern Cal.

Earlier today Dillon Baxter changed his story and told USC athletic director Mike Garrett that he was not contacted by Florida.

First of all USC needs to get a grip on it's program and players, and Dillon Baxter needs to be suspended. 

Secondly, Mike Garrett needs to be fired.

Accusing five prestigious universities of such an act before you have confirmed the story to be true is childish and unprofessional.

The officials, administrators, and student athletes at USC have conducted themselves in a way that would prove detrimental to most schools.

I don't know what the hell is going on at USC, but somebody needs to grab the reins down there, and get that place under control.

Recently, the NCAA decided to penalize Alabama 15 yards every time the fans chant the "Rammer Jammer ."

It seems to me that their focus needs to be redirected.

I cannot begin to describe to you how ticked off I will be if the NCAA chooses to ignore this. 

The fans deserve better.

And before USC nation sounds off against me being bias, I encourage you to sit and examine your school, and then be honest with yourself.  Some things need to change.

Signing off,

Derek Smith