Greg McElroy: The One Starter Alabama Can Not Afford To Lose

Derek SmithCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

When it comes to key players, Greg McElroy fills the one position that Alabama can not afford to lose.

Greg McElroy is one of the smartest athletes on the field, and he is undefeated as a starter (including high school).

Some sources are reporting that AJ McCarron is going to be the best QB that the Crimson Tide has ever seen, and he is going to break every school record; however, I have my doubts about his ability to lead.

Alabama is seeking back to back national titles, and already has a lot to prove on defense. We know that the Tide runs deep with running backs, and it appears that quarterbacks are following that trend, but McCarron is simply not ready to take this team to the top.

McElroy has proven himself as a leader and has earned the respect of the entire team and coaches.

McCarron, although previewed as a great QB, is still waiting in the wings. If, God forbid, something were to happen to Greg McElroy, AJ would have to step into some pretty big shoes.

AJ McCarron would then have to earn his team's trust; this does not happen over night. Additionally, he would have to show no fear as a leader, and not be afraid to make game changing decisions.

Call it luck, but there is a lot to be said for any QB who can go undefeated in his career.

Greg McElroy knows the playbook inside and out. He makes smart decisions under pressure, and he is a natural born leader.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to see what AJ McCarron will bring to the table. But, he can wait.

The bottom line is, if McElroy goes down, the Tide's season goes with him.

Sorry I don't have more to say, but this one is pretty black and white in my opinion. I always say, expect the best, plan for the worst. 

If the time comes, I hope AJ will be ready.


Signing off and Roll Tide,

Derek Smith



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