Georgia Rules: Has Mark Richt's Timetable Grown Shorter With AD Damon Evans Out?

Kimberley NashSenior Writer IJuly 4, 2010

Georgia coach Mark Richt has supposedly been on the proverbial hot seat ever since his 2008 preseason No. 1 football team failed to make a BCS appearance.The truth is, however, Georgia's coach is not on the hot seat at all. Yet.

Richt bought himself a couple years—at least—when he fired his defensive staff and hired NFL minded Todd Grantham to install the 3-4 defense. So far, the word has been good out of Athens. Both the players and the coaches are excited about playing an attacking-style defense "Tween The Hedges" this year.

The commitment to keeping the state's best talent from leaving to play elsewhere has been a boon in Georgia's recruiting efforts thus far—13 players have already given their commitment to play for the Bulldogs in 2011.

In the blink of an eye, however, all of the good will that has been created by the positives were overshadowed dramatically by the actions of now former Georgia AD Damon Evans.

Evans' DUI, potential infidelity, and overall bad publicity has brought his tenure to an end. If you are a fervent supporter of Mark Richt , the next question has to be what will happen to the coach now?

It's a question that admittedly crossed my mind almost immediately after the Evans situation first came to light. I wasn't the only one

Despite his recent indiscretions, Evans was a good AD for Georgia and he was a strong Mark Richt supporter. Evans essentially gave Richt a blank check in the coach's search for a new defensive coordinator. He also offered his firm support for 2010 and beyond as Richt set forward on a path towards recreating the Georgia football program in a tremendous new light.

Now, with Evans out, will Mark Richt find that his timetable for success has been set on a faster track? After all, the new AD isn't likely to have any ties to Richt , Georgia Bulldogs football, or Vince Dooley (Evan's mentor). The next AD will most likely make the decision that makes the most sense for the bottom line—loyalties aside.

Furthermore, will Michael Adams be able to set aside his perceived need for a "Yes Man" in order to find an AD who is willing to go the extra mile to make Georgia football not only profitable, but successful as well?

Some interesting candidates are already being kicked around, at least in the Internet world. However, nothing is expected to be done soon as a nationwide campaign is possible in determining the next man for this job. Can Georgia fans guarantee that the next AD will get along as famously with Richt as Evans did?

Can we be certain anymore that an 8-5 or 9-3 season will suffice in 2010? How long, or short, will the patience be if the new guy doesn't bleed red and black? In the end, it's easy to predict that the good times will keep rolling. From my perspective, this change could produce as much bad as good.

What say you, Bulldog/SEC nation?

Could coach Richt be in trouble if Michael Adams tabs the wrong man for the job this time around?

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