University of Michigan: How Low Will You Let Your Academics Fall?

Samantha CookeCorrespondent IJune 30, 2010

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has long-been a highly academic school. It is a tough school to get into and students are required to have high grades, high test scores, as well as extra-curricular activities to balance their academics.

According to U.S. News, Michigan is ranked number 27 overall in the country based on academics.

All that being said, how low is Michigan going to drop their standards to get some good football players? What Coach Rich Rodriguez needs to understand is how to recruit quality athletes that have the grades to get into the University of Michigan.

Michigan has three recruits for 2010 that all cannot enroll as freshman. One, Demar Dorsey, has decided to attend Louisville instead after being denied admission to Michigan.

The 2009 incoming freshman class averaged between 28 and 32 on their ACT’s, 1940-2190 on their SAT’s, and 3.7 - 4.0 High School GPA.

Dorsey did not come close to any of these academic requirements. I understand lowering the standards slightly to get better athletes, but this is ridiculous.

LB Antonio Kinard and QB Conelius Jones are both headed to prep school because neither has the necessary test scores and GPA to qualify under NCAA Regulations.

The NCAA Regulations are a minimum of 2.0 GPA and 1010 on the SAT. These are both well under the academic standards for the University of Michigan.

If they cannot even qualify to play for the NCAA, how can Rich Rod even recruit them for Michigan?

Even with all this, Michigan’s football team has gone 3-9 and 5-7 under Rich Rod. He is obviously isn’t even getting the quality athletes with the lower academic standards.

Not to sound snobby, but this is Michigan. This is the number 27 academic university in the country. Let’s raise the standards a little and quit recruiting kids that cannot qualify.

Yes, football skills are the first thing a coach looks at. Academics should definitely be the second when it comes to Michigan. Do not lower academic standards in order to have better athletes. Make athletes work harder to get in to your university.

Has anyone seen “The Blind Side”? Yes, it is a movie, but it is based off of real events. Michael Oher had a 0.0 GPA and needs to raise it in less than a couple years to a 2.0 to qualify to attend college.

Yes, not everyone has a rich family helping him with tutors. The point is if you want to attend a specific college and play football, you will do anything to get in to the college.

Michigan does not need to “dumb” down in order to recruit top athletes – the top athletes need to work harder to get in to the school.