2010 Big 12 Prognostications

Jennifer MercerCorrespondent IJune 26, 2010

2010 Big 12 Prognostications

The Big 12 North

1. Nebraska.

Only one other team in the north is even close to being able to beat the Huskers and that’s Missouri.

But Missouri couldn’t get it done last year at home and there’s no way they’ll come into Lincoln and win-not against the defense NU will put onto the field.

In essence, the MU-NU game in Lincoln will be for the north title.

2. Missouri.

Blaine Gabbert is a fine QB. He'll lead Missouri to a solid 2nd in the north.

Who knows? They might even upset one of the south teams this year.

3. Iowa State.

Certain people are gushing over what Paul Rhodes has done at ISU, but let’s remember one thing: they're still the Cyclones.

And don’t start the “well they did beat Nebraska last year” talk because even sun shines on a dog’s rear end once in a while.

ISU went +8 in the turnover department and won by two points.

If the ‘Clones go -8 in turnover to the Huskers, they will lose by 70.

4. Kansas State.

The Wildcats aren’t very good, they have minimal talent, and once they enter Big 12 play reality will strike them hard as they realize just how deficient they are.

Look for another mediocre season in Manhattan.

5. Colorado.

Hey Dan “Haircut” Hawkins, is that seat hot enough for you?

It’s hard to believe that the Buffaloes have even less talent than the purple people in Manhattan, but they do.

Maybe the talent is equal, but the effort is certainly less.

That’s why CU always struggles.

6. Kansas.

New coach, new system and replacing the trio of Reesing, Meyers and Briscoe will be difficult.

The Jayhawks certainly have a quality coach in Turner Gill, but there will be growing pains.

If Kansas fans give Gill the requisite time to succeed they’ll reap the benefits...just not this year.

The Big 12 South

1. Oklahoma.

I’m picking OU to win the south because of the personnel losses Texas has to overcome on offense. 

This is the best chance the Sooners have had in the last four years to notch a win and get the inside track to the title game.

2. Texas.

They’ll lose to the Sooners and probably no one else in the south.

Of course, if they're able to get the same referees that screwed Nebraska in last year’s title game, they could win.

3. Baylor.

Robert Griffin is one heck of a player and as he goes, so do the Bears.

If he stays healthy, the Bears could make a run at the south title, but knocking off both UT and OU is going to be tough.

4. Texas A&M.

This team consistently befuddles me.

The Aggies should be contending for south titles year in and year out.

Instead, they wallow in mediocrity like a pig in the mud.

A&M quarterback Johnson is a playmaker and can definitely get the job done when motivated.

The question is: Can the Aggies be motivated for every game?

5. Texas Tech.

The Red Raiders' new coaching staff puts them in the same boat as Kansas.

I’m not sure if they’ll change offensive systems or not, so it’s difficult to say whether there’ll be a drop-off initially in offensive production.

As Tommy Tuberville brings his brand of Tubbyball (patent pending) to Lubbock, expect offensive production to gradually go down every year.

For an illustrative example, look at the statistics of Auburn’s offense during his tenure as head coach.

6. Oklahoma State.

They have to replace Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant—no small feat.

Last season, when QB Robinson got hurt, he sat out a game and the back up (I forgot his name) did not play well.

I understand the circumstances weren’t ideal for the No. 2 QB to come in and shine, but sometimes you have to overcome things like that.


Big 12 Title Game Prediction: Nebraska vs Oklahoma.

Nebraska wins and takes the final Big 12 trophy to the Big 10+2 with them.


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