Nebraska Recruiting Update: Bo's First Big Ten Class

Josh KleinCorrespondent IJune 25, 2010

With the 2010 season looming on the horizon, Nebraska's final one in the Big 12, it's important to realize that the recruits Nebraska will be landing for the 2011 season won't ever see Big 12 action.

That's right, this 2011 recruiting class is a Big Ten class, not a Big 12 class, and right now, it's looking to be promising.

Last year, Bo Pelini grabbed eight four-star recruits and landed in the top 30 in recruiting as a result. This season, Pelini is looking for a top-20 class and might be finding it earlier than he expected.

Nebraska's 2011 class all ready sports seven four-star recruits and is looking to add more within the next few months.

Brion Carnes's signing with Nebraska was all the rage a season ago. The four-star recruit out of Bradenton, Fla. (the same high school as Tommie Frazier) came in with a lot of buzz and is expected to push his fellow quarterbacks in camp this fall.

Next year though, Carnes will have company. Two four-star, dual-threat quarterbacks are committed to Nebraska: Jamal Turner from Arlington, Texas and new commit Bubba Starling (pictured above) from Gardner, Kansas.

It seems Nebraska has decided who they will be on offense. No more pro-style quarterbacks; it's dual threat from now on. Starting with Cody Green to Taylor Martinez, and now Starling. Nebraska will enter the Big Ten trying to compete with the likes of Michigan and Ohio State with that dual-threat quarterback position.

So how is this recruiting season shaping up so far? Below is my evaluation of all 12 commits so far and a few that we could see committed by the end of the summer:


Quarterback - Quarterback has been a sore subject the past year for Nebraska but these two guys look to reverse the trend.

Bubba Starling - Gardner, Kansas- {four star} (6'5" 193 lbs 4.5 [40])

Bubba is a true dual-threat quarterback. As a junior, he ran for 1,300 yards and 19 touchdowns, but he also threw at a 54 percent accuracy rate for 1,400 yards, 18 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. Bubba has gotten better each year as a starter in Gardner, KS, and looks to have his best year in his senior season.

Jamal Turner -Arlington, Texas- {four star} (6'1" 170 lbs 4.5 [40])

Jamal was a great grab for the Cornhuskers near the end of 2010's recruiting trail. The concern with Turner is that as a sophomore his passing statistics were much better than his junior season (over 2,000 yards and only eight INTs), when he threw for only 1,800 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. Jamal did improve as a runner in 2009 though, and Husker hopes are that he will put the two together in his senior season.


Offensive Line - You think strength up front isn't important for Pelini? This is looking like a marquee offensive line class for the Huskers and it all starts with two very early commits to bolster up the pipeline for next year.

Ryne Reeves -Crete, Nebraska- {four star} (6'3" 300 lbs)

Ryne is the definition of an offensive lineman for Nebraska. He's an in-state recruit with Huskers red in his veins and a mean streak on the field. Reeves could come in and make an immediate impact (not starting) as a freshman.

Tyler Moore -Clearwater, Florida- {four star} (6'6" 290 lbs)

Tyler Moore's addition to the team will be a great one. Many thought he might end up being a five-star recruit, according to Rivals , and through his senior season he might still become one. Moore is strong, not overly big, and agile, all things that Tom Osborne used to look for in his option teams.

Zach Sterup -Hastings, Nebraska- {four star} (6'8" 260 lbs)

He may be a bit small right now, but Sterup is the most talented lineman in the state of Nebraska this season. Sterup (ranked No. 1 overall in Nebraska) is tall, athletic, and can move his feet well. He may not contribute right away on the offensive line, but with some coaching he could become a great one.

Ryan Klachko -Springfield, Illinois- {four star} (6'4" 287 lbs)

It's always good to see someone come from a to-be rival recruiting state, and Klachko is most likely a steal for Nebraska going into their first Big Ten season. His weight is about right, his strength is impressive, and his form is good.

Dylan Admire -Overland Park, Kansas- {three star} (6'3" 264 lbs)

Admire could feel intimidated coming in with four four-star recruits ahead of him or he can just try to prove himself on the field. Pelini always says that stars don't matter and Admire has an opportunity to prove it. Admire isn't overly big but uses his leverage well. Time will tell if he bulks up and becomes a key in Nebraska's O-line.


Defensive Tackle - Only one so far in this class but if Crick lives up to the hype this season, they might start calling Nebraska Defensive Tackle University. If that happens, open the flood gates.

Kevin Williams -Holland, Ohio- {three star} (6'2" 275)

Williams is another player from Big Ten country (ranked 20th in the state) and could be good for Nebraska. He has a low center of gravity and a good burst, but his size may be an issue.


Defensive Backfield -  Nebraska is going to lose at least three starters from their defensive backfield this season and this year's recruiting is an attempt to keep the talent level up.

Tevin Mitchel -Mansfield, Texas- {four star} (6'0" 175 lbs 4.4 [40])

Tevin is a great grab out of Texas for Nebraska. At the cornerback spot, he has good size and better speed for staying with deep threats down field and winning jump balls.

Daniel Davie -Beatrice, Nebraska- {three star} (6'0" 181 lbs 4.4 [40])

Daniel is another home-grown Nebraska boy with lots of speed. In my opinion, if Davie was from, say, Ohio, he would be a four-star recruit, but since Nebraska isn't known for their high school football speed, Davie is underrated by Rivals.

Aaryn Bouzos -La Mirada, California- {two star} (5'11" 185 lbs 4.5 [40])

Bouzos is a good California prospect with decent speed, but don't expect much to come from him. With only an unlisted vertical, he seems a bit less athletic than normal defensive backs. However, he could surprise come his senior season and sneak into a three-star role.

Daimion Stafford -Chaffey C.C.- {JUCO} (6'1" 210 lbs 4.46 [40])

Rivals hasn't ranked their JUCO players yet so Stafford is listed without stars. However, when they do, don't be surprised to see him has a four-star recruit on Nebraska's board.

He has decent speed, welcome size, and hits like a ton of bricks - all things that Bo Pelini likes in a safety. And if we've seen anything from Bo, it's that he brings in JUCO players not to fill the depth chart, but to compete for a starting job right away. Stafford can.


That's it for the committed recruits, but here are a few recruits to keep your ears and eyes open for that Nebraska is heavily targeting:

Aaron Green: Five-Star RB out of Texas

Rodney Coe: Five-Star RB out of Illinois

Christian Heyward: Four-Star DT out of California

Darius Jennings: Four-Star WR out of Maryland