Can Ingram And Richardson Combine For Over 3000 Yards This Season?

Colin Contributor IJune 21, 2010

      The Alabama offense is not lacking in skill players.  Alabama's best offensive weapon is not a question.  Of course, it's the running game.  Although, Julio Jones, Marquis Maze, & Darius Hanks might have something to say about that.  A highly under-rated receiver corps.  Not to mention a QB that's never lost a game.


      Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson welcome a newcomer this season, with the departure of Roy Upchurch.  Eddie Lacy comes on the scene this season as the most likely 3rd string RB.  Lacy basically sealing that job last season, doing such a great job with the practice team.  The addition of Eddie Lacy to this already Monster RB corps. makes for a 3 headed monster, unmatched in all of college football.


     Last season alone, Ingram & Richardson combined for 2409 yards rushing.  With only one fumble between the two all season long.  Total yards receiving between the two backs, last season adds up to 460 yards.  Giving the duo 2869 all purpose total yards last season.  Not only could they combine for over 3000 yards rushing, but they could also exceed 3500 all purpose yards.  Because of what great Receivers they both are. 


      Another dynamic duo a few years ago in the SEC:  Darren McFadden and Felix Jones for Arkansas.  Both exceeded the 1000 yard mark in 2006, and combined for 2815 yards rushing.  The duo combined for 256 receiving yards for a total of 3071 total all purpose yards.  Not including kick return yards.


      2007 was even better for the Arkansas duo, both breaking the 1000 yard rushing mark for the 2nd straight season.  Rushing yards combined for 2007 by Jones and McFadden adds up to 2992.  With 340 receiving yards, that gives them 3332 all purpose yards.  That's slightly better than the previous year.  It's mind boggling how Houston Nutt could not manage to at least win the SEC during this span.  It's no wonder they ran him off.  Either way it's hard not to like the guy.

      there was also that other one two punch earlier this decade that made their mark as one of the decades best RB duos.  Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown at Auburn.  In 2004 Auburn ran the table in the SEC and finished the season 13-0, getting left out of the BCS Title game.  That year Cadillac and Brown combined for 2078 yards rushing, and combined for an outstanding 465 yards receiving.  That gives them a total of 2543 total all purpose yards. 


      To me, there is no question who the better duo out of Cadillac/Brown & McFadden/Jones.  It's McFadden/Jones easily.  It will be hard to top what McFadden and Jones did in their tenure at Arkansas.  But I think Ingram and Richardson will top the season rushing mark at over 3000 yards.  Out of these 3 duos, will Ingram and Richardson be the best?  I think so.  I think Ingram has the brightest future in the NFL out of all 6 of these guys. 


      Ingram/Richardson has already proved they are a better duo that Cadillac and Brown.  More Wildcat formations from Alabama this year will be fun to watch.  With a more explosive passing game, Ingram and Richardson should have no problems exceeding last years numbers.  We'll see what happens.  My bet is Ingram/Richardson will combine for over 3000 yards rushing alone.  That stat will put them over the top as the better duo over McFadden and Jones.