Silly Notre Dame Speculation, Super Conference, Texas Wins, Huskers Lose

Uncle Rico Touchdown MountainCorrespondent IJune 16, 2010

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Silly speculation about Notre Dame & Super Conferences.
There was talk about Notre Dame joining the Big 11 Conference, but that would never happen.  Notre Dame was subject to biggotry and racism back in the early days of the Big 10.  It forced Notre Dame into independence.  Notre Dame will always be independent in football.

Was Notre Dame listening to the conversations about "super conference" alliances?  Yes.  To simply know what the conversation is.

There is also silly talk about how Texas "saved" Notre Dame. Nonsense.  While it's doubful that no other school could endure the drought in modern timesthat Notre Dame has suffered, Notre Dame will come out on the topside.

Keep in mind that in 100 years of history, Notre Dame has had a period of 20 years on the downslide.  Nearly every other program with over 100 years, has had essentially only 20 years in the limelight.

(Keep in mind that over one third of JoePa's wins are against teams such as Temple, Maryland, Rutgers, and Syracuse when they sucked, which is most of the time.)

Financial funny business.
Texas is NOT the top grossing.  That still belongs to ND...even after 20 years of drought.

The numbers that are being used are from a licensing company called "Collegiate Marketing Alliance".  It is a company that all major schools use as a licensing 'clearing house'.   Notre Dame not only is #2 at CMA, but ND also has it's own in-house licensing which does more than CMA.

The reps at CMA will even confirm this.

The notion that Texas saved ND is preposterous.   Texas could make so much more money as an independent.

The real loser here, however and no one is talking about it, is Nebraska - for selling out.   Nebraska could easily surpass what Texas could generate with regard to television revenues.   There is no professional team of  any kind, in Nebraska (although one could argue that during the Tom Osborne years).   Cornhusker Football is the 'National' Sport of Nebraska.  It is the 'National Pastime' there.   Perhaps outside of Notre Dame, no other team could benefit from independence as much as Nebraska. Texas could be close behind.  Penn State long sold it's soul to play in the shadow of Michigan and Ohio State.

Instead, Nebraska chose to partner up with the slick used car salesman that is Jim Delaney.   Look what happened to Penn State when they did so.    Penn State Football use to be a national brand.  Outside of Penn State grads, it's an also ran.

Even in a 20 year drought, Notre Dame would still capture headlines.   Notre Dame has still been a focus of the ESPiN (heavy emphasis on spin).

Nebraska Cornhusker Football could have become the Ft. Knox of college football, but instead, chose to become the equivalent of General Motors to Obama..