The Bar Has Been Raised To All Time Highs In The SEC.

Colin Contributor IJune 15, 2010


      Texas sure does look like the center of college football lately, and in the news this sure has been the case.  Texas has not been getting the money they felt they deserved, so they start looking for options.  Texas was so eager to make something happen, and so ready to jump off and make a deal with the devil to make more money.  The suits at Texas looked like chickens running around like with their heads cut off, like children at an Easter egg hunt looking for the egg with the most money in it.



     Now that the dust has settled, it turns out the Big12 is now the Big10 minus Colorado and Nebraska.  Completely wiping out the Big12 North.  I can understand how Texas changed their minds when Dan Beebe told them they could have a ten team league with no conference title game.  And get paid too!  Perfect scenario for the Texas yellahorns, I mean longhorns.  They don't have to play Nebraska anymore, and no championship game.  Mack Brown is resting easy today on his lazy boy recliner, probably watching re-runs of Gunsmoke telling his wife, "I think I'll coach a little longer now."


      Meanwhile, Ole Miss and Houston Nutt are doing a fine job representing the SEC.  In this past year's Cotton bowl they crushed the lone 2nd place Big12 team Oklahoma state.  In the Cotton Bowl before that, Ole miss dismantled a highly ranked Texas tech team.  That Texas tech team finished tied for 1st place in the Big12 that year. 


      Some Texas A&M fans and boosters are irate over the A&M decision to stay put.  Texas did everything in their power to put the brakes on immediately, when they got word of A&M wanting to join the SEC.  Texas could not have that.  So they put that boot spur to little brother's throat.  Texas wanted no part of the SEC.  While they say it was "better academics" they were looking for.  There are 2 schools in the SEC with better overall academics.  And Georgia is not far behind Texas.  The SEC has better academics than the Big 12, so that's a lame excuse.  Plus Austin, Texas thinks they are the "Beverly Hills" of the south, so they won't fit in with the "rednecks" of the SEC.  Oh please, did some of you fall off your grandaddy's barn a few too many times?  Maybe get kicked in the head by a mule? Give me a break.. 



    Texas wants no part of a real competition league like the SEC.  Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, and Ole Miss on a yearly basis?   There's a reason why this league has won 4 straight BCS titles, with 3 different teams.  Gene Stallings said it best, "you better be a grown man when you waltz into that league."  And Big12 football is not grown men football.  Why just last January, Colt McCoy's daddy wouldn't let him come back out and play. 


      The quality of football in thee is unmatched around the country.  It's not just Texas I'm getting at here.  It's USC and the whole pac10 or pac11 whatever.  Ohio State?  Some SEC fans wake up every morning dreaming that their team in the SEC could play Ohio State in the BCS title game.  While I am a fan of Jim Tressel's, he cannot compete with the big boys in the SEC. 


    So who out there can raise their football program to the elite level the SEC is at right now?  Alabama had, 6 AP all- Americans last year.  That's a new record.   Texas is not on the level of any of the big boys of the SEC.  Financially and Competitively the SEC is running the show in college football. 


     A&M wanted to join this league.  Oklahoma was licking their chops to join the SEC.  Just think what joining the SEC would have done for A&M's recruiting.  How long will this new southwest10 last?  'till the water gets hot?  How much longer will A&M and Oklahoma put up with Texas and their blind arrogance?  I bet Nebraska sure is glad they got out of the league that is standing on such thin ice.