USC Used White House Gate Crashers As NCAA Violations Defense

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IJune 13, 2010

It is hard to believe at first glance; however, USC made the a harrowing clutch at straws in their NCAA Violations defense by using a picture of Vice President Joe Biden to dismiss an allegation that an assistant coach, believed to be Todd Mcnair, knew two men whom claimed to have given Bush improper benefits while at USC.

In the 2009 169-page response to the NCAA Violations, USC, on page 1-7, tried to use the White House party crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, to defend a photo, in which USC Running Backs Coach Todd McNair is seen with Reggie Bush's wannabe Agents Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake as well as actor/comedian Faizon Love, AKA Big Worm in the movie Friday.

USC used the argument that a photo does not establish a relationship and just because Joe Biden is seen in a maybe too warm embrace with Michaele and Tareq Salahi at a White House dinner party that is not sufficient evidence to claim that they ever knew one another. USC makes the claim that in the photo Biden and the Salahi's seem to be life long friends.

In uncropped photos , Vice President Biden's a-little-too-familiar hand placement on Mrs. Salahi's side certainly seems to add to that perception.

Here was USC's Rationale:

The photograph depicts a couple arm-in-arm with Vice-President Joe Biden at a State Dinner at the White House. The trio look to be the best of friends and, certainly, we are led to assume that the well-dressed couple are important dignitaries. In fact, the Vice- President does not know these people, nor were they invited to the State Dinner.

As the whole world now knows, the publicity-hungry duo bypassed the Secret Service and crashed the event. This is a graphic example of two facts:

People elbow their way into events and manage to get themselves photographed with celebrities, and

a picture tells us nothing about the relationships of the people depicted.

USC's points are, of course, true, though irrelevant. If this were the only proof the NCAA had of a relationship, then maybe it would be a clutch at straws worth trying. However, with phone calls made from McNair's cell phone to Lloyd Lake's number on multiple occasions apparently on the same night the photo was taken, it shows more of an air of arrogance than enlightenment. Like a child who you just watched punch his sister in the arm but still has the gall to argue that he didn't do so when you get on to him for it.

It is doubtful the NCAA would find any records of phone calls placed by Biden to the Salahi's on his cell phone records, no matter how warm his never-ending perma-grin made those photos appear.

Running back coaches are not vice presidents and are barely celebrities, especially in a room with Hollywood types. Yes, I know things are a little different at USC where star players rub elbows with Hollywood regularly, which may very well be a part of the problem at USC.

McNair's reasoning for the photo did not help matters. When he was shown the photo by the NCAA, he responded, "I don't know, I, you know, there was some dudes that was with us, not with us, came with us, was staying or whatever,us. This is my friend (believed to have pointed at Faizon Love.) I'm with him, you know, I don't know." Not exactly the clear concise denial USC was hoping he would provide.

The question has to be asked though, Did anyone at USC think the Joe Biden defense was going to work?

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