A Bigger Move: Nebraska To the Big 10? Or Boise To the MWC?

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A Bigger Move: Nebraska To the Big 10? Or Boise To the MWC?
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So if you haven't heard by now, Nebraska is headed to the Big Ten and Boise State is climbing into the Mountain West. Both are slated to enter their respective conferences starting in 2011.

So which move is bigger?

Nebraska made their move for one simple reason: money. Last year, the Huskers received around $10 million from the Big 12, whereas the Big Ten conference schools received double that at $20 million.

This move will also set up a natural rivalry with Iowa, and big conference match-ups with Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State.

Boise's move to the Mountain West is the move that should ultimately get the conference an automatic BCS bid each year. But this will not happen right away.

The earliest the conference can gain the automatic is 2012, but if the Big 12 continues to implode, I could see the BCS giving the MWC the old Big 12 spot at the table.

So which move is bigger?

That's easy: it's Boise State. This move to the Mountain West gives the conference four top tier teams now in Boise, Utah, BYU, and TCU. Plus teams like Air Force and Wyoming are no slouches.

The winner of the conference will also have a better shot at the title game, since the strength of schedule and conference prestige will go up.

Financially, I have not seen the numbers, but can only assume it will mean bigger dollars for Boise when it is all said and done.

On a side note, with 1/3 of the Big 12 schools rumored to be heading to the Pac 10, I feel sorry for the teams remaining. Where does Mizzou go? What about the Kansas schools, Iowa State, Baylor, and A&M?

I do like the bigger conferences. It simply makes for different matchups and conference title games at season's end. It seems like it is a game of kickball right now and all the best kids are getting taken. Only the fat, uncoordinated kids are going to be left when it is all said and done.

My final thought about these big moves is on the BCS. If conferences can change for the better and grow with the times, then why can't the BCS make the MWC a BCS automatic starting next year?

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