Who Invited You to the Big 10, Nebraska?

SchmolikCorrespondent IIJune 11, 2010

Hello, college football fans!

Apparently Nebraska is headed to the Big 10. Of course, no one happened to tell the Big 10.

I've obviously been following the conference shuffling this week. When Colorado was reported that they went to the Pac-10, the Pac-10 website announced it. When Boise State was reported to be joining the MWC, the MWC website confirmed it.

Nebraska in the Big 10? Last time I checked, nothing. Unless there is something behind the scenes I don't know, I don't recall them being invited. How can they say they are coming to our conference without clearing it with us? Did they hold a meeting to vote that they are choosing the Big 10?

I mean, who do they think they are?

I say the Big 10 should hold its ground! Honestly, I don't even want them. I think the Big 10 can do better than the 38th biggest state in population . I think the Big 10 can do better than a school that has NEVER won with an NCAA basketball team (oh great, we'll have two of them).

Supposedly they have this football team that, they assume, we should be begging them to allow us the privilege to take. Yeah, they were good...in 1995 maybe (oh by the way, the Nittany Lions were better). The last decade, Nebraska won ZERO Big 12 championships. ZERO! Heck, even my Illini won a Big 10 championship in the last decade. In the last 10 seasons, Nebraska won the pathetic Big 12 North twice.

Guess who's leading this whole Nebraska to Big 10? Their AD, Tom Osborne. The same guy that stole Penn State's 1995 championship (or a share of it) because everyone felt sorry for him. The same guy that stole half of Michigan's championship in 1998 because he was retiring. You won't elevate Penn State to a share of the championship when they are No. 2 but you will elevate Nebraska to a share of the championship when they are No. 2. And if Tom Osborne wasn't an idiot, he would've had his national championship back in 1984 if he had just kicked the extra point!

So Tom Osborne is now assuming the Big 10 is just going to roll out the red carpet because they want to join. I got news for you, Missouri wants to join. Pittsburgh wants to join. Rutgers wants to join. If we put out an "opening" for the Big 10, we'd have at least 20 schools "applying."

Of course most of these schools aren't saying it because most people don't assume they will be taken, like Tom Osborne, and don't want to burn bridges with their own conference in case the Big 10 doesn't accept them. You know what they say when you assume.

I don't think Nebraska is the best team for the Big 10. I'd like to see if we can get Notre Dame first. At the very least, there is no reason for the Big 10 to rush to invite them. Unless by some miracle Texas and Company can save the Big 12 (after Nebraska basically), where's Nebraska going to go to? They'll be available a year from now.

In the meantime, let's try to make a deal with Notre Dame. Or try to add Big East teams to hopefully cause the Big East to fold, making it more likely Notre Dame will join the Big 10.

As for Tom Osborne, he's already stolen 1.5 national championships from the Big 10. I'm sick of him always getting what he wants, assuming he can do whatever he wants, and thinking that we'll all just kiss the ground he walks on.

Say NO to Nebraska. It's our conference, not yours Tom Osborne!